Is CBD As Popular as You Think?

Inarguably popular, CBD products seem to be at the centre of any current health and wellness reporting. But while the physical press and online audiences love to talk about them, it can be hard to separate signal from noise and find out how much they are actually being used.
So, here’s three reasons why CBD is inarguably popular and how it is continuing to live up to the hype week after week.

1. It’s a massive industry

Simply put, the last ten years have seen CBD’s popularity explode on a national and international level. This has seen CBD products legalised throughout the UK [] provided that they possess a maximum THC amount of 0.2%. This has been echoed by legislation in the US which – despite differing from state to state – allows for the creation and sale of CBD products provided that they are grown and created under very specific guidelines. It has even gotten to the stage across the pond where the famously anti-drug majority leader Mitch McConnell has pushed for its legalisation thanks to the financial benefits it could provide.
This has seen an explosion of CBD infused or CBD oil related products; including tinctures, additives for drinks and foods, and even CBD infused vaping liquids. Altogether, this has exploded into a $22bn industry that shows absolutely no sign of slowing down any time soon!

2. It’s steadily being proven by science

While studies are still ongoing, a growing body of research is forming around cannabinoids (the helpful substances in CBD) and our body’s ability to process them. This has seen research carried out to see how CBD could be used as alternatives to antidepressants , with the study finding ‘several pieces of evidence’ that highlight CBD’s potential ability to reduce the nervous system’s signalling in what were classed as ‘stressful situations’.
Further research has also found what are known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body, with CB1 receptors tied to the brain’s neurochemistry and influencing serotonin uptake. CB2 receptors have been shown to be tied into the body’s immune system and current strands of research showing a need to pursue this further.
However, due to CBD’s relatively novel nature, the majority of comprehensive research is either outstanding or slowly, steadily underway. This means that if you choose to use CBD you should gather all available evidence and see if it is right for your needs, checking with your doctor to confirm that it is safe to take with any medications or treatment you may be on.

3. It potentially helps those that need it most

The usefulness of CBD has been backed up by reliable medical research and strong personal testimony with many daily users making note of CBD’s ability to help ‘take the edge off’ anxiety and regulating their day. Other newer studies show that it can even be effective in treating those suffering from heroin addiction , showing a clear appetite from the public to potentially treat a range of conditions or needs.
Recent research has shown that individuals are increasingly using CBD to treat specific conditions with stress, chronic pain, and mood disorders topping the list. CBD’s flexibility also means that users can choose to deploy it in any way they see fit. Individuals who believe that it could help with chronic pain can apply it topically in a balm to allow for long-lasting benefits. Those that suffer from nausea or pain due to cancer treatment can take concentrated drops [or in tincture form. And stressed workers can consume it from their vape pens in CBD infused e-liquid, helping them get their ‘hit’ of CBD quickly and safely without worrying about THC or fitting it into their busy schedule.

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