I’m A Celebrity 2018: New man Harry? I don’t think so, says Sandra

Footballer manager Harry has been married to her for 50 years and he has often spoken about her in camp. In her first interview, Sandra, 71, said: “Will he be a new man? I doubt he will change. We’ll soon find out when he comes home. “He’s never cleaned the toilet at home or even the sink, so I’m surprised to see him clean the dunny. I doubt he will do it at home but it would be a good idea. And when he did the floss I really couldn’t believe it, the only other time I saw him dance was when we got married.”

She added: “It has been quite hard to watch him, he just doesn’t realise that everybody is hearing him say things and talking about me. It’s quite embarrassing really.

“It’s very flattering after 54 years. Of course it’s still flattering, it’s really nice. I think my favourite moment was the rapping.”

Harry, also 71, shocked viewers when he showed his romantic side and spoke of continually calling Sandra throughout the day and likened his relationship to “winning the lottery”.

During a chat, he said: “Even when I’m out I ring her 10 times a day. She’s my life. I’m a bit scared, getting a bit older. I love her too much, if anything happened it would just kill me.”

Sandra admitted it had been hard not speaking to him. “I miss him terribly,” she said.

“I didn’t realise they take your phone off you in the first week before the show starts, so he rang me to say I can’t speak to you any more. That was hard.”

She arrived at Brisbane airport yesterday with granddaughter Molly and relatives of other contestants ahead of the first eliminations. Liz Edmonds, 49, landed to see husband Noel, 69, with Kirstie Brittain, 23, for boyfriend James McVey, 24, Kate Robbins, 56, for daughter Emily Atack, 28, and Jon Hegerty, brother of Anne Hegerty, 60.

Meanwhile, Liz said Noel and Harry were “like the Chuckle Brothers” – but she has admitted she worries about the state of her husband’s normally immaculate beard and said he had tackled his phobias.

She added: “We’re not surprised people have been voting for him to do the trials because of all the gotchas and the gunging over the years [in his TV shows]. It is kind of payback.”

Redknapp left puzzled in vat of slime hellhole

HARRY Redknapp went head to head with heavyweights John Barrowman and Nick Knowles at a Deadly Dash in the Bushtucker Trial last night.

After being chosen by the public as team captains, the trio was forced to go bobbing for puzzle pieces.

Harry was first to retrieve from a “hellhole” filled with mud crabs before plunging face-first into the next vat of slime and fish guts. But after defeating water dragons and cockroaches, he fell at the final hurdle and was last to complete his six-piece puzzle.

He told Holly Willoughby: “I can’t do puzzles…I’m useless, a bit like a striker who gets in front of the goal and doesn’t score, that was me.”

Nick chose Malique Thompson-Dwyer and Sair Khan to join him on Team Galahs. John picked Anne Hegerty and Emily Atack for Team Koalas, and Fleur East and James McVey joined Harry’s Team Roos.

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