How your water bills are set to go through the roof from April 1: How much will yours be?

The average water bill will shoot up to £405 for households in the UK.

The extra cash will go towards fixing leaking pipes across the country to prevent water losses and flooding.

However, it is likely many Britons won’t be happy with spending more on the service which helps them keep themselves and their homes clean.

Water UK revealed the money will go to £44 billion investment to prevent 370 million litres a day leaking from pipes by 2020.

It also will aim to prevent 5,000 homes from being flooded with water from the sewer.

Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) told The Mirror: “Most water companies are reducing their charges before inflation is added to bills which has softened the blow, but this will still be an unwelcome increase for millions of customers that are facing other rising costs.”

According to CCWater more than three million households already find their bills unaffordable.

“”Even though the cost of water and sewerage is much less than other services, it all adds up, which is why water companies are doing everything they can to keep bills as low as possible while keeping up huge levels of investment,” Water UK chief executive Michael Roberts told the paper.

How can you save money on bills

Martin Lewis revealed that you can help reduce the cost your bill by asking for free stuff from your provider. 

He said: “If you’re on a water meter or not, you can get freebies from your water company that’ll help use less water and can slash water and energy bills by hundreds of pounds.

“For example with Thames Water, United Utilities and Yorkshire Water you can get a free £20ish shower head (which helps reduce water usage, but keeps the same pressure) and free £7ish tap aerators (to regulate the flow of water from your tap).

“While with South West Water and Affinity Water you can get free £2 Save-A-Flush bags.”

Save water

Restricting how much water you use ca help to shrink your bills.

The Eden Project recommends turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, being quick in the shower and always filling up the washing machine and dishwasher.

A water butt

A water butt or rainwater tank collects water that runs off roofs.

They can collect up to 2300 litres of water per year, which you can use to water pipes instead of the hose pipe.

A water metre

A water metre shows you how much water you are using in real time.

This could encourage you to keep an eye on your consumption, as you see the cost increase during the month.

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