How to Know if it’s Baby Acne or Rash?

How to Know if it’s Baby Acne or Rash?

It’s a good question to ask and lots of parents ask how to know if it’s baby acne or rash or something else on their baby’s skin. Here you will get complete information about baby acne so that you may not just distinguish it from rashes or other skin issues but you may also take some necessary steps for baby acne treatment.

What is Baby Acne?

First of all, you must have clear idea what is baby acne. Baby acne is not something to be panic about because it’s a common issue. Almost 20 to 30% of new born babies in the world observe baby acne problem. It’s something natural and gets healed naturally after some times. It’s a common, temporary and painless skin issue that may occur after two weeks of birth. And normally it lasts only for a couple of weeks and then it heals naturally without any medication. So, it’s a self-healing skin problem that you shouldn’t be worried about.

What Does Baby Acne Looks Like?

Baby acne is no different than acne in adults. Baby acne on face is common but sometime baby acne on chest and back may appear as well and that must be taken care of. Normally the baby acne are the red bumps on face but rarely it may have whiteheads. It can be in clusters on cheeks and foreheads of your baby.

If the baby acne appears, try that your baby may not cry much because it can worsen it. Fabric is another thing that may irritate the acne so avoid covering baby face with fabric specially the synthetic cloth. We’ll discuss more such things later in this post. Keep reading till end. Before that we’ll discuss some skin issues which resembles to baby acne. Don’t be confused and distinguish baby acne from other skin problems so that you may treat better.


Eczema looks almost similar to baby acne and sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish. Better idea is to consult a paediatrician if you have any confusion. Eczema also have red bumps on face, elbow or on knees. These red bumps can become yellow filled with pus and that’s a painful issue which must be treated as soon as possible.

There are various types of eczema and each type of eczema is treated differently. Seborrheic eczema is the type of eczema which looks exactly like baby acne. The other common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis. A mild medication suggested by a paediatrician can be used to treat eczema but if it’s baby acne on face then don’t need any medication.


Milia is another skin issue that resembles baby acne. Milia also occurs few weeks after the birth and that’s main reason it is often misidentified as baby acne. Milia are the white bums on baby’s face due to trapped dead cells. Like baby acne on face, milia is also a self-healing skin issue and need no treatment or medication.

Erythemia Toxicum

Erythemia Toxicum are more like rashes but it is often misidentified as baby acne because of the timing and the red bumps. Erythemia toxicum is much like baby acne, it appears few days after the baby is born and it is another self-healing skin issue. It disappears after a week without any treatment or medication.

After reading now you might be able to distinguish the baby acne from other skin issues. Another skin problem that we haven’t discussed yet it rashes. Rashes may look like baby acne but it’s much easier to judge whether it’s baby acne or rash by merely having a close look on it. Rashes don’t have bumps normally but only a reddish skin.

It might be easier now the baby acne treatment for you once you are 100% sure that the red bumps on your baby’s face is actually the baby acne on face. Best baby acne treatment is no treatment. Let it be healed naturally without any medication and treatment because it occurs naturally and it is harmless thing. Treatment and medication option should be opted only when the baby acne doesn’t go away after months. For more you can visit 100homeremedies for natural home treatment.

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