How to get rid of sunburn: Use a cream containing this ingredient to treat sore skin

Sunburn is when skin becomes red and may start to flake and peel after a few days.

Caused by ultraviolet rays, it usually doesn’t last long but it can be sore and tender and cause great discomfort.

If you do get sunburnt while being outside, you should get out of the sun as soon as possible and head indoors or to a shady area.

The NHS then recommends a number of ways to relieve symptoms at home until your skin heals – one is putting on cream containing a particular ingredient.

It recommends: “Use lotions containing aloe vera to soothe and moisturise your skin.”

Aloe vera has long been known for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Other ways to relieve symptoms, recommended by the health body, is to cool your skin by having a cold bath or shower, sponging it with cold water, or holding a cold flannel to it, and drinking plenty of fluids to cool you down and prevent dehydration.

You can also take painkillers, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, to relieve pain. But children under the age of 16 shouldn’t be given aspirin.

Once you’ve been sunburnt you should try to avoid sunlight, including through windows, by covering up the affected areas of skin until it’s fully healed.

Sunburn can increase your risk of developing skin problems in later life, such as ageing, so it’s important to follow the methods of prevention.

Wearing suitable clothing and applying sunscreen can help protect your skin from strong UV rays.

The risk of getting sunburn is highest from March to October, particularly from 11am to 3pm – this is when the sun’s rays are strongest.

Sunburn can also increase your risk of developing skin cancer

Skin cancer signs usually occur on the surface of the skin after exposure to the sun.

The most common symptom of melanoma – a type of skin cancer – is the appearance of a new mole or change in an existing mole.

Non-melanoma skin cancer can appear as a lump on the skin, or an area of skin breaks and crusts or bleeds.

Both can occur anywhere on the body, but the most commonly affected areas are the back in men and the legs in women.

The earlier a skin cancer is found, the easier it is to treat.

Other skin cancer prevention methods include wearing a broad-brimmed hat and UV blocking sunglasses, applying two tablespoons of sunscreen to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside, and examining your skin head-to-toe ever month.

When it comes to a melanoma, Cancer Research UK says if your mole gets bigger, changes shape, changes colour, loses symmetry, itches or is painful, bleeds or become crusts, or looks inflamed, you should see your doctor straight away.

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