How to choose silk pajama sets

There are more and more silk pajama sets for women appearing online recently.however,for most women,they don’t know how to choose ladies silk pajamas,and always buy the fake silk pajamas with high price.To help women make better choice in choosing silk pajama sets,we will tell you two methods to distinguish the fake and real silk.Now,let’s see the methods below.

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Hand feeling method:
1. visual method, real silk is soft, light, soft and pendant. The fabric of chemical fiber is not soft and bright.
2. silk fiber is fine and long, short cotton fiber and curly wool. Chemical fiber is of good uniformity.
3. hand feeling method: silk feels soft, close to skin and smooth and comfortable. There are wrinkles in place, so there is a saying “no wrinkle or silk.”

Combustion method:
1. rayon (viscose fiber) burns with chemical smell. It’s burning fast. Ashes are ash free except for those without light, with a small amount of gray ash.
2. silk burns when burning, and it is difficult to continue burning. It will extinguish itself. Ashes are fragile, crisp, fluffy and black.
3. The cotton and polyester fibers have very weak sweetness when burning. They do not ignite directly or slowly. The ashes are hard and round and beaded.
4. cotton and linen have the smell of burning paper, the ashes are soft and black gray.
5. wool burns almost the same as silk. Visual observation shows that the two are different.

Obviously,most women prefer to choose the silk pajama sets than other material clothes,because it wears with cool feeling and suit our body better.With the methods that mention above,most women can choose the cheap silk pajama sets by themselves,and if you are interested in ladies’ silky pajamas,you can come to our store and have a look,we offer the real cheap silky pajama sets for women.

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