How Technology and Sleep Can Go Hand in Hand

Nowadays, most of us lead hectic lives full of stress, which doesn’t leave us almost any time for sleep. Even when we finally go to bed, more often than not we have trouble falling asleep. The reasons are varied—some of us are just worried because of work responsibilities or upcoming exams, while others suffer from serious sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.

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While smartphones and other electronic devices can steal our precious sleep, technology can also help us get a great night’s rest. Here are just a few examples of how it can improve our slumber.

It Helps Us Find Better Sleeping Products

This may come as a surprise to many, but we can now find beds that perfectly suit our needs from the comfort of our home. GoodBed, for example, is a platform that helps us find the beds we need. It has countless beds reviewed by thousands of users.

Before this came to be, we had to shop blindly at mattress stores. Now, we can go there knowing what to buy immediately.

Apps for Almost Anything

A lot of the innovations come in the form of accessible and readily available apps. Nowadays, there’s almost an app for anything related to sleep, the most common and useful of which are sleep trackers.

These help us see how well we sleep during a set period of time. Using apps like these helps us understand our body clock better.

Aside from sleep trackers, there are other useful apps. A great example is AlarmMon, an alarm that wakes you up by forcing you to play video games.

There are also apps that record our voices when we sleep talk, and there are also those that play lullabies until we fall asleep.

Smarter Beds

From smart TVs to smart refrigerators, almost everything inside the house is getting a smart version. Even beds have become smarter. Smart beds are basically everything you’d expect from years worth of developing sleep tech.

These beds come with an assortment of features including a built-in tracker, temperature control, air chambers, and more. Of course, it wouldn’t be a smart device if it doesn’t come with app integration.

These beds provide the best sleep possible, and they could potentially help those having trouble getting some shut-eye.

Bottom Line

It seems more and more likely that our quality of sleep will continue to improve in the coming years. In time, we might even have better solutions for conditions like insomnia and narcolepsy. Of course, the biggest merits of all these developments is that we’ll have more fulfilling days as our nights become better. In the infographic below, you’ll find more useful gadgets and other products that can help you improve your sleep quantity and quality.

Infographic was originally published on DisturbMeNot.

How to Sleep Well with Technology

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