The Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Law Enforcement


The Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Law Enforcement

You may see the driver in the lane next to you reading the newspaper as you drive to work sooner than you’d imagine. GM and Tesla are in the final stages before releasing a fully autonomous vehicle to the consumer market. These vehicles will be equipped with technology including over 40 sensors and multiple cameras to detect obstacles and recognize traffic patterns. Safety is the primary concern, but so far the technology is proving to be very efficient at driving safely and within the parameters of the law. With over 800,000 traffic stops daily in the US, law enforcement officers are wondering how their roles may change when computers are behind the wheel.

This infographic by Denmon Lawyer of Tampa dives into the expected relationship between self-driving vehicles, their owners, and law enforcement. Not only are self-driving vehicles expected to make the roads almost 90% safer, but also reduce the number of traffic tickets written for traffic violations.

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Accidents are inevitable while driving on the roads, even with the best technology and the sharpest wits behind the wheel. Government officials are racing to put regulations into place surrounding the self-driving vehicle industry and their uses. If a self-driving vehicle causes an accident while in autonomous mode, is the software and the manufacturer at fault, or is it time for the driver to retain an accident attorney? Issues such as this one, as well as limitations on impaired operation and autonomous abilities are still to be determined by lawmakers.

While Tesla and GM may be the first manufacturers to bring a fully self-driving vehicle to the office, dozens of others are not far behind. Major tech brands Google, Apple, and Microsoft are leading the way with AI development and software capabilities, while manufacturers Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volvo, along with many other smaller companies, have set deadlines within the next 5-7 years to have consumer models ready for market. Until then? Lots of testing to perfect everything that a self-driving vehicle may encounter on the roads, even kangaroos.

Which manufacturer’s self-driving vehicle would you want in your driveway? A sleek, luxurious Mercedes or Volvo? Or a spacious, entertainment-packed minivan by GM or Toyota? Let us know in the comments section below!

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