How 2019 holidays will change after Brexit: Truth on passports and insurance revealed

Brexit should not put Britons off booking a holiday next year, travel expert Simon Calder explained to ITV audiences on today’s This Morning show. Eamonn Holmes referred to the current worries circulating around Brexit and 2019 travel “project fear” but Calder reassured that the EU has said flights will continue, if if no Brexit deal is reached. “I would have no hesitation booking a package holiday,” Calder said on the show. “The worse that will happen is you will get your money back.” He pointed out that it could be helpful to visit proper travel agents for those who are worried.

What’s more, the current scare stories cold result in more bargains as people are dissuaded from travel.

However, Calder emphasised that package holidays are much safer than booking holiday elements separately as you’ll get your money back much more easily.

Holidaymakers may have to crave themselves for more airport queues as there might be “some kerfuffle in the the days after Brexit,” said Calder.

Britons will no longer be able to use the EU channel at the airport which travellers might be more aware of in bigger hubs.

This is because from 29 March, British passport will no longer be an EU document as they are now.

“There will be all kinds of implications,” warned Calder. For instance, travellers might be required to have three months validity left on their passport to travel. the expert added: “Ee just don’t know yet.”

From 2021, Britons will have to apply for a visa to go to mainland Europe, the European Commision has confirmed.

British citizens heading to the continent will need to complete an online form and pay €7 (£6) for a visa waiver which would last them three years.

The European travel information and authorisation scheme (ETIAS) will screen travellers in order to protect Europe’s borders from terrorists and people-smugglers.

ETIAS is modelled on the US ESTA scheme are the form should only take minutes to fill out.

Travellers should apply online for the ETIAS at least 72 hours before travel.

Calder also shared a top tip for travellers who have another passport, as well as their British one.

He told Irishman Holmes that to fast-track travel, he could leave the UK on his British passport and return on his Irish document.

Brexit will also affect the exchange rate, Calder told This Morning. “If a deal goes through then sterling will rise,” he said, “but if there is no deal it will fall a bit.”

Calder summed up the Brexit conundrum, saying “We’re giving back control and it’s all going to get quite complicated.”

Last week, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson said a hard Brexit  would be “disastrous” for Britons. 

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