Hearthstone Boomsday Project: New expansion brings back Dr Boom

Arriving next month, Blizzard is making some significant changes to their popular card game with their future expansion.

The Hearthstone Boomsday Project was announced today and will include Dr Boom in a starring role.

On August 7, the infamous Dr Boom will unleash 135 new cards, as well as a slew of mischievous new gameplay mechanics.

New card types and keywords are being added to Hearthstone through its next expansion, which has a central focus around Mechs.

The backstory of the new expansion, reads: “Dr Boom has built a complex of hidden laboratories in the ever-churning Netherstorm, where he and his colourful crew of renegade researchers are hard at work on all manner of ill-advised scientific endeavours.

“Players will marvel at the discovery of nine new, immensely powerful Legendary Spells! They’ll be awestruck by Projects, spells with wondrous effects that appear to benefit both players—but appearances can be deceiving!

“And they’ll tremble before the terrible power of Omega cards, which give incredible rewards when played at ten mana crystals!

“Dr Boom also has a well-documented affinity for bots and bombs, and he’s using The Boomsday Project as an opportunity to debut what might be his most mind-boggling Mech-related innovation yet: Magnetic attraction.

“Magnetic is a new keyword that allows players to merge Mech minions, combining their attack, health, and abilities to construct fearsome amalgamated automatons.”

“With so much R&D in the works, Dr Boom and his staff are about to go into recruitment overdrive.

“In addition to testing Boom Bot fuses and piloting experimental sky golem prototypes, daring interns will also be responsible for solving puzzles in The Puzzle Lab—the challenging new single-player Hearthstone experience coming with The Boomsday Project. Dr Boom and his staff are not yet accepting applications, but they will share more details about this exciting opportunity in the weeks ahead.”

As mentioned by Blizzard above, the new Magnetic keyword will allow players to merge Mech minions with it, combining their attack, health, and abilities.

Legendary Spells will also be unleashed in the new expansion and are likely to deliver some major impact plays over their normal variants.

Other changes include two new card types, with “Projects” providing a bonus to both players when played, and Omega Cards, which offer potent rewards when played at ten mana.

These rewards are based on players who hold out until they can harness their full power, making for an exciting endgame twist.

A new single-player adventure is also being added through The Boomsday Project expansion.

The Puzzle Lab will include over 100 different mind-boggling puzzles that will set up like brain-teasers.

There will be a variety of different puzzles to solves, such as Lethal puzzles, which challenge them to make a match-winning play with a specific board state.

Other confirmed types include Survival puzzles, which task them to stay alive against stacked odds with limited tools at their disposal.

Players who survive these tests will earn a one-on-one with Dr Boom himself, at his workshop.

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