Hardrock Mining Drill Rigs Selection – Part One

For mining drilling rig selection, our target is choosing the right rig for right purpose, let’s have the further explanation on how to achieve this target. There are totally two parts for this topic, here is the part one.

Field of Application


  • Production drilling
  • Pre-split drilling
  • Overburden drilling in open cast mining
  • Other drilling in open pit mines like wall stabilizing, roads, foundations for buildings, stationary crushers, conveyors etc, secondary breaking of oversize rocks, sampling drilling etc.



  • road cuts, airfields, railways, foundations, canals, earth and rock fill dams, tunneling etc.
  • Aggregates “travel” max. 45 km


  • Often categorized as open pit mining
  • Aggregate, sand producing quarries


  • Slot drilling
  • Line drilling
  • Splitting Squaring
  • Pilot hole drilling


  • Drill or Drill & Blast
  • All suitable and unsuitable applications

Target of all applications

  • Their real question generally should be whether they can find quality and quantity of drilling with minimum cost to maximum their profit
  • The minimum cost is either total process or drilling and blasting or that of drilling, depending on their application
  • But what is the priority?

Annual Cost – Unit Operation

When talking about Annual cost, the whole system cost should be included such as drilling, Blasting, Loading, Hauling, Crushing etc.


Cost per Ton – Degree of Fragmentation

Below picture is showing the relationship between Cost per Ton and Degree of Fragmentation for Drilling, blasting, Secondary Breakage, Loading, Hauling, Crushing respectively







Combined Unit Operational Cost

This Chart shows the combined/systematic Unit Operation Cost(From drilling to crushing) to Degree of Fragmentation














The rest of part of how to select mining drill rig will be introduced in part two.

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