Google Maps: VERY rude message spotted – but where did it come from?

Google Maps has captured an alarming and disturbing message in Washington State, USA via Google Earth. It has captured the aerial view of vast fields and a selection of buildings. However, there’s something in the picture that immediately looks out of place. In one of the fields can be seen, in giant capital letters, “A-HOLE.”

To make matters even more dramatic, there is an arrow under the abbreviation pointing directly to one of the nearby houses.

It has transpired that the insult was carved out by a neighbour wielding a lawnmower.

The rude message was written following a dispute between people living next-door to each other.

The Daily Mail reported that the feud began way back in 2009 between Brian Juel and neighbours Cindy and Brian Zechenelly.

It began after Juel grew angry when the Zechenellys built a large garage apartment on their Sequim property. It was entirely painted in purple.

Other neighbours also complained about the bright hue and even created a petition against it.

Cindy told The Peninsula Daily News in 2009 that the purple was inspired mainly by the Painted Ladies, tricolour Victorian houses on Alamo Square in San Francisco.

It’s believed the accusatory message was written with the lawnmower between 2011 and 2013.

It’s far from the first time a message has appeared for all to see on Google Earth.

One note once appeared on the top of a building. The missive is a proposal of marriage. It says in huge letters: “Will U marry me (sic).” 

The writer failed to include a question mark in the note but the intention is clear – and it’s certainly romantic.

However, what is intriguing is how the message writer intended for the recipient to see the message.

The proposal cannot be seen at all from the ground and most likely isn’t readable from the rooftop itself.

Clearly, the four words will only be visible from the air – so how would the proposal be spotted?

Perhaps the man or woman intended to take a romantic helicopter ride above the city or alternatively fly a drone up to capture the message.

Unfortunately, it’s not known what the writer had in mind. Perhaps it wasn’t intended for anyone in particular and they just felt generally romantic.

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