Google Maps: There’s something weird about this photo – can you spot it?

Google Maps has captured a fascinating sight in a field in Hungary, but it can only be seen if you look carefully.

The field itself, at first glance, seems completely normal; mainly brown in colour it has lighter and darker patches.

However, on closer inspection, the different shades of the field serve to form a picture.

It looks as though there is a picture of a man on the field. He seems to have long hair and a beard, making some think it is an image of Jesus.

The top of the head seems to meet the top of the field and the man’s eyes are cast down.

The nose is formed of a pale triangle and what could be a beard can be seen on the right.

It’s possible it is a picture of a man or even Jesus, but the more likely explanation is that it’s pure coincidence the field looks like that.

It’s far from the first time a mysterious sight has been spotted on Google Earth.

Last month a man claimed he spotted the missing MH370 plane, which disappeared in 2014, on Google Earth. 

Images from Google Maps show a mysterious dark object lying among a huge swathe of green that is the jungle.

Wilson told the Daily Star: “Measuring the Google sighting, you’re looking at around 69 metres, but there looks to be a gap between the tail and the back of the plane.

“It’s just slightly bigger, but there’s a gap that would probably account for that.”

The gap Wilson has spotted could be where the tail and body fractured upon landing, he claims.

He has said the plane is at ground level due to the fact that Google Earth provides the option to “escape ground view” when near the plane.

Now the Aviation Safety Network told the Daily Star that Ian’s sighting does not fit the profile of any crashes in the area.

Air traffic controllers had previously enquired about an area near to this alleged crash site after the plane disappeared.

Wilson, a UK-based video producer, became intrigued about the crash site after watching a documentary on the missing plane.

However, Ian’s claims are currently just a theory, and there has been no official statement on his findings of any kind from investigators or the airline.

“I spent hours searching for places a plane could have gone down,” he told the Daily Star. And in the end, as you can see the place where the plane is. It is literally the greenest, darkest part you can see.”

Flight MH370 went missing as it flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 with 239 people on board but a definitive explanation of the Boeing 777’s fate has never been delivered.

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