Google Maps Street View: What is this VERY creepy figure up to with this woman?

Google Maps Street View has captured a worryingly sinister sight in a shop in Westerham, Kent. There appears to be a really creepy looking figure which looks to have taken over the store as is dealing with anther woman. The spectacle is chilling as the face of the figure is far from that of a human. Yet they are sitting behind a computer in the Ruach Kitchens shop as though they were any other company employee. The face of this figure is completely white and they have black lips.

What’s more, the eyes are unlike any human eyes and seem to have no life behind them.

The figure has long red hair and is sporting a black top hat as well as a black cape or jacket.

To further add to the mystery of the scene there is a blonde woman sitting next to the strange figure, again seemingly acting as though nothing is out of the ordinary.

Interestingly this woman’s face has been blurred out to protect her identity but yet the creepy figure remains unblurred. Why is this?

Thankfully there is a more rational explanation to the spectacle than the otherworldly – though questions do still remain.

It would appear that the ghoulish figure is in fact just someone wearing a costume mask – and is, in fact, human.

However, absolutely no explanation is given as to why the person is working in such a strange get up.

The blonde woman appears to be a customer, but she could arguably be a colleague who is in on the joke.

Unfortunately, Google viewers can only guess as to the reasons behind the very strange scene.

This is far from the first time strange masked figures have been caught by the Google camera.

On occasion a bizarre Google Maps Street View snapshot showed what looks to be a man, judging by his body, yet instead of a human head, the man had a horse head sitting atop his shoulders. 

In the image, the man is standing next to a woman on the side of the road and both are looking off in different directions.

A car can be seen to one side so perhaps their car has broken down and they are waiting for help.

The woman seems completely unperturbed by her companion’s unusual physical appearance.

In fact, apart from the horse head, the image seems like nothing out of the ordinary.

Of course, it’s far from likely that the man actually has a horse’s head. The more realistic explanation is that he’s simply donned the bizarre mask for effect.

However, there seems to be no purpose for the odd fashion choice – the woman does not seem to find it funny.

On another occasion, a man was spotted wearing a gas mask as he crouched in a wood, looking very sinister indeed.]

His crouched, almost animalistic position makes it look like he could be about to pounce right out the screen towards the viewer.

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