Google Maps Street View: Driver caught on camera during embarrassing moment

Google Maps Street View has mapped thousands of cities around the world using a range of vehicles. While the popular Google car can often be spotted on the roads, bikes, boats and even animals can be used with the cameras. A driver who was working in Canada to map the region was caught in a rather awkward situation. Embarrassingly, he appeared to be completely lost.

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The man, clad in a smart shirt, jeans and glasses, was captured by his own camera on the side of the road.

With the door open, he looked confused as he used his phone.

He appeared to be looking for directions as he got lost while driving the road on his route.

The area he is lost in doesn’t appear to be a populated area and is the back of a persons house.

Instead of using Google Maps, he may have been better asking the homeowner for directions.

Sometimes Google Maps can go wrong, which saw one woman stranded in the Arizona desert for five days when the roads were wrong.

Thankfully she managed to walk back to safety and was treated for dehydration and sunburn.

Another Google Maps driver was left red-faced after being caught by his own camera.

He was spotted urinating on the side of the road while taking a break from the job.

Thankfully his blushes were spared with his face blurred out on Google.

Google Maps was developed by Google in 2005, before developing to Google Street View in 2007.

It was originally launched in a number of US cities, yet now includes hundreds of countries around the world.

The images are created by using 360-degree cameras which are stitched together to create the panorama.

Some countries still have limited coverage due to privacy fears or remote locations, such as the Caribbean and the Middle East.

The Faroe Islands solved the problem of difficult terrain by using sheep with cameras to map the region.

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