Published On: Sun, Jan 14th, 2018

Google Maps: Girl riding with embarrassing underwear slip in public – and she has no idea

Google Maps cameras take images from all around the world which then appear on the street view platform.

This can sometimes include embarrassing moments people would probably not have wanted to make public.

This includes a certain image, said to be taken in Germany, of a girl riding her bike along a road, showing off more than desired.

Can you guess how it happened during her cycling journey?

For the front, the female cyclist looks completely normal as she goes about her journey.

She is appropriately dressed in black lycra for her ride, with a long sleeved top and three quarter length leggings.

She is also wearing what looks like pink flip flops and has her blonde hair pushed off of her face.

However, from behind it is a different story, as she has clearly had an underwear faux pas.

The woman’s bright pink thong style underwear is on show, displaying a view she would probably have preferred to keep in private.

It is likely caused by her leaning forward to hold on to her handlebars while she pedals forward.

As she is concentrated on riding along the road, she has clearly not noticed what has happened.

Recently, a Google Maps bikini woman appeared to missing something essential on the beach.

Spotted on Playa de Carmen in Mexico are three beach-goers, clad in their swimming outfits.

Two men can be seen in their swimming trunks as they are followed by a woman in a bright blue bikini.

They are walking along the coast in the sun when they turn to face the Google Camera.

However, the woman is missing something. Can you guess what?

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Google Maps: Girl riding with embarrassing underwear slip in public – and she has no idea