Google Earth captures very romantic sight in Ohio that remains a mystery

Google Earth uses satellite imagery to map the entire globe for people to experience from the comfort of their own home.

A number of beautiful landmarks and buildings around the world can now be spotted thanks to the new technology.

Whilst many may use it find an address or directions, it has also unearthed some amazing scenes that wouldn’t be visible from the ground.

A rather romantic setting has been spotted in Ohio, Cleveland.

But what is the story behind it?

A giant heart-shaped lake can be spotted in the US state.

Completely symmetrical, it is lined by a road and trees, along with a garden at the bottom.

It doesn’t appear to have a name, raising questions as to where it has come from.

Despite this, the lake doesn’t look like it is open to the public.

The only entrance has a private gate that is locked for cars and people.

On closer inspection, it is the back of a house and is owned by the property.

It was most likely created by the homeowner as opposed to it being a natural phenomenon.

The privacy lends itself to a romantic setting, so it may have been for a partner or lover.

It isn’t a small property either; they also appear to have a basketball court as well as a forest leading onto a lake with a pier too.

It isn’t the only mystery lake captured by Google Earth.

Google Maps Street view captured a terrifying sight in a body of water in Michigan.

A car can be seen submerged in the water by the air, prompting questions as to how it got there.

Not only that, but it also had a dead body inside.

The story behind it was that of 72-year-old Davie Less Niles, who went missing in 2006.

The car and his body were recovered in 2015, four years after his admitted they had lost all hope of finding him.

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