Friend or Food? Dark Humor & Strategy Is The Recipe To Tooth And Tail


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In newly-released RTS Tooth And Tail, your victories will decide who will become the next menu item. The normally-peaceful animal kingdom has turned to meat for food due to dwindling crop numbers, but the commodity doesn’t come easily (as no one wants to volunteer to be the meal), leading to an all-out civil war between four factions that players can control. Using a variety of animals armed with all manner of weaponry, it is up to you to keep your faction off the chopping block.

For those who enjoy dark humor mixed into their strategy games, this is a perfect tail (Get it?). In Tooth and Tail, players will be in control of one of the four factions: The Longcoats, the Commonfolk, the KSR, or the Civilized. In the story mode, players will be in control of the leader of each of the respective factions, leading them to victory through various missions across procedurally generated maps. There will be different units available to aid your cause, such as paratrooper-puking owls and gas-lobbing skunks – their descriptions alone inspiring a very unique RTS. It will be up to you to use these units to complete your objectives and stay alive.

Players who enjoy multiplayer were not left out of the revolution, as Tooth and Tail offers both online and local multiplayer modes. The matches are designed to be easy and dedicate only 5-12 minutes, so players will not feel pressured to dedicate hours to a single match. There’s no excuse to not sharpen your claws and test your abilities against more than just AI.

Stay off the menu and see your way to victory in the revolution with Tooth And Tail!

You can purchase Tooth and Tail on Steam here. You can also check out the developer’s site and Twitter!

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