Fortnite Sheet Music in Pleasant Park Challenge replaced with this in week 7?

Fortnite Week 7 Challenges will go live later today in Battle Royale, but it’s hard to tell if they will prove as popular as some of the more recent tasks.

Hunting down Fortnite Sheet Music in Pleasant Park and Retail Row, as well as playing it on giant pianos, proved popular with fans.

While you have to have a Battle Pass to enjoy it, it was certainly a different style of Scavenger Hunt than fans are used to.

And today will see new Week 7 challenges released by Epic Games, replacing the ones that have been completed.


A new list of Fortnite Week 7 Challenges has been leaked online before their announcement today.

Epic Games has been changing things around a little in recent weeks, so there’s a good chance that one or two of these will be different.

However, from what we have seen so far, these look to be close to the Fortnite Week 7 Challenges that will be going live today:


  • Deal headshot damage to opponents 0/500
  • Stage 1: Deal Damage to opponents in a single match 0/300
  • Search 7 ammo boxes in a single match


  • Stage 1: Destroy Trees, 0/50
  • Skydive through floating rings, 0/20
  • Stage 1: consume 5 apples, 0/5
  • eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park 0/3

Fingers crossed that Fortnite fans won’t have to deforest the island everytime they fly onto the island.

There aren’t any new challenge that appears to scream interesting scavenger hunt, but like what was mentioned above, Epic Games could be being sneaky.

Some of these challenges may be switched out at the last minute, so it will be worth keeping an eye for the latest news.


For those who still haven’t completed the “Find a stand with Sheet Music in Pleasant Park” challenge, here are a few pointers.

It’s located in the very first house in the central-north area of Pleasant Park, the one that used to be covered in Halloween decorations.

Heading to C3 should help you narrow down the location on the map, the house had a giant spider in the garden outside, with the sheet music found on the lower floor.

After you complete this, you move onto stage 2 – Play The Sheet Music At A Piano.

The Piano can be found pretty close to the house and doesn’t mean a huge amount of travel.

It’s on the big hilltop just west of the Halloween house, in the corner of B3 on the map.

To play the music, you have to step onto the keys in the order found on the sheet you discovered in Pleasant Park.


Stage three of this challenge is tracking down the Sheet Music in Retail Row, which can be found in a building on the Eastern side of town.

This means heading for the 5H marker on the map and looking in the building that is on the right side of the street, second from the last on the block.

After interacting with the Sheet Music found in Retail Row, fans will then need to head over to the big piano to play it.

It isn’t far from the Sheet Music and is found on a hill just south-east of the shops. This would be on the edge of the I6 marker found on the Fortnite map.

After completing all of these stages, the player should be rewarded with 10 battle stars, worth 1,000 XP.

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