Fortnite season 6 skins, Halloween 2018 news and big map leaks

Fortnite Season 6 skins have been teased

Fortnite Season 6 skins have been teased (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Epic Games have yet to announce what they have planned for Fortnite Season 6, including what the theme will be, or what kind of skins might be launched.

What fans have learnt so far about what’s coming next to the game has been through supposed leaks and hints.

One of those has come from a high-profile Twitch streamer, who has provided a few teases on what’s being planned for Halloween 2018.

Prominent Fortnite streamer, Ninja, says that Epic Games are cooking up for the seasonal event, which looks set to be a big one.

Replying to questions, Ninja told fans on Halloween: “They gave me some interesting little hints and stuff.

“They showed me some cool up-and-coming things. I’m just pumped for… Halloween, dude.”

The latest hint from Ninja doesn’t provide a lot of information, but it does give us enough to make some predictions.

From what was teased, Epic Games have plans for a Fortnite Halloween event.

The new Loading Screen from Epic Games

The new Loading Screen from Epic Games (Image: EPIC GAMES)

And if there is a Halloween event, you can probably expect some new skins and cosmetic items.

This seems a given based on what happened last year, although some fans will be more interested in grabbing older gear.

The Skull Trooper is an obvious choice for a returning outfit and is a highly sought-after item.

This is due to its rarity, with a lot fewer gamers playing Fortnite when it was first launched.

New Halloween Fortnite skins will likely drop during season 6 and are the first set of outfit we know about.

For everything, fans are putting together their best theories on what will be happening in season 6.

The Fortnite Cube could make big changes to the map

The Fortnite Cube could make big changes to the map (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Hints have been dropped that a “Dark Reign” event could be coming during season 6.

A recently released Fortnite Loading Screen shows the Brite Bomber touching the in-game cube.

And in it, we see a reflection of an evil version of the Fortnite character, a possible hint at the season 6 theme.

That the mysterious cube is at the centre of the next big in-game event seems pretty apparent.

It’s been flying about the Fortnite map for some time now and looks to be heading to its final location.

More Fortnite news is expected in the near future

More Fortnite news is expected in the near future (Image: EPIC GAMES)

The Fortnite cube spawned on the Battle Royale map over three weeks ago and since then has been moving around and burning runes into the ground.

It’s rumoured that the Fortnite cube will leave behind seven runes in total before finally activating by Loot Lake.

And the seventh rune has been burnt by the Fortnite cube according to gamers on Reddit, which means we’re fast approaching its end game.


From what has been found by data miners and seen in-game, it appears the purple cube is going to set off some kind of new event.

And this could include Fortnite Season 6 starting off with a volcanic explosion and the destruction of a well-known location.

The Fortnite cube first appeared on the Battle Royale map more than two weeks ago and since then has been moving around leaving runes behind in its wake.

It’s apparently got a final destination in mind, that being Loot Lake on the Fortnite map.

Data miners say they have found evidence of lava being added to the game, something that isn’t part of the current map biomes.

Audio files for flowing lava were discovered in Fortnite update 5.40, while other images appear to show a volcano underneath Loot Lake.

It had been theorised that this Fortnite pyramid could emerge from Loot Lake at the start of Fortnite season 6 or the end of season 5.

But maybe, all along, instead of it being a pyramid it was another object that has a similar triangular shape – a volcano?

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