Fortnite news: Mobile update, Fortnite the TV show hoax, Llama locations

Epic Game is constantly updating their popular Battle Royale game, with impressive effect.

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While many games are updated regularly, Fortnite Battle Royale stands out as a game that sees meaningful weekly patches.

And this includes all platforms, due to the game using a shared cross-platform environment on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Mobile.

The success of Epic Games’ mobile platform is another way Fortnite stands out from the crowd, especially when you consider the shared account feature.

And while recent data suggests growth may have slowed on iOS and PC, the Fortnite Android release date looks set to be another massive push in growth for Epic Games.

The big games company haven’t revealed when they plan to launch their next major mobile port, although there have been rumours of something brewing later this month.

Tencent, the giant gaming company that owns part of Epic Games, is currently handling distribution and publishing of the game in China.

And they just announced an apparent release date for their version of Fortnite Battle Royale for the Chinese market.

The date reads July 24, 2018, and is also being linked to the company releasing Fortnite on Android in the region too.

And while this would stack up with Epic Games’ recent claim that they hope to launch Fortnite on Android during summer 2018, it doesn’t mean it will happen on this date.

For one thing, the picture shared by Tencent includes the Wegame branding, which is a PC and social media platform for the company.

The social media post doesn’t say anything to rule out a launch on Android; however, it’s probably a safe bet that we won’t see something connected to the launch in western markets.

But if what the development team has said in the past rings true, we could see the Fortnite Android release date fall during season 5.


Now that Fortnite is firmly placed as one of the most popular games of all time, it is no surprise the shooter is being touted as a potential avenue for movies and TV shows.

Video games have rarely transferred well into the movie world, with the vast majority of video game-movie adaptations bombing hard the box office.

But maybe, just maybe, Fortnite could be the thing to turn it all around.

And according to a Twitter account, @DisnayXD, Fortnite is being turned into a TV show as the account posted: “Fortnite: The TV Show will premier on August the 12, 2019!”

However, this is not the case as this Disney XD Twitter account is 100 per cent a parody account with a paltry 808 followers and just 43 tweets.

The fake account followed up its ‘announcement’ with another tweet claiming to show a “sneak peak’ of the Fortnite show in a Youtube video which shows a hilariously awkward Gmod short in the Fortnite map between two characters rendered as Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Of course, this is all nonsense and the real Disney XD has not made such an announcement.

But the fake tweet gained some significant traction online, with many users believing Disney was really producing a TV show for Fortnite.


Arguably this week’s toughest challenge involves Supply Llamas, because they spawn in random locations.

According to GamesRadar, Supply Llamas have been known to drop west of Fatal Fields in the 8F portion of the map.

The area north of the triangle of trees – just east of Retail Row – is another prime Supply Llama spot (I6 on the map).

Supply Llamas have also been spotted south of Greasy Grove, south of Tilted Towers and east of Retail Row.

Express Online has discovered Supply Llamas in the stream leading to Loot Lake, and one embedded into the side of a mountain south of Pleasant Park – C4 on the map.

Check out the gallery above for some of the verified Llama locations.

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