Flights: Plane passengers shocked when they spot someone doing this bizarre activity

Flights see travellers squashed into seats for many hours and for those who are longer or larger than the average sometimes struggle. Passengers are advised to stretch in their seat or walk around the aircraft during long flights to minimise the risk of blood clots. However, one flier with Israeli carrier Israir Airlines, came up with an inventive way to keep moving during a trip. The surprising move shocked passengers, with many claiming it showed very bad travel etiquette.

The photo was shared by Instagram account passengershaming and has accrued thousands of likes.

The snap captures the plane cabin of the flight – but in the aisle, the legs of a person can be seen sticking up into the air.

They appear to be doing a handstand between the seats, in a very unusual travel move.

The flier is wearing pale blue jeans and no shoes. Their sock-covered feet reach so high up they are touching the roof of the cabin.

Only the face of someone further down the aisle can be seen and they appear to be grinning.

However, it’s unclear if the smile is at the yoga antics or something else.

A cabin crew who was on the Israir flight took to Instagram to explain what had happened.

She pointed out that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable on board a flight and warns others against copying the passenger.

Flight attendant Julietta Weinberg posted: “I was one of the crew members on that flight and I would like to explain you that we did not allow this to happen and we spoke to that person and asked not to do that, but this handstand came over and over at least two times during the flight.

“So the first purpose of that photo was to make evidence in case that this person would damage the ceiling or damage his self and then make a different statement and sue the company, and the second purpose of that was to show others – what not to do during the flight (sic).”

Others have shared their own thoughts on the picture. Some were impressed and others were alarmed.

“I actually want to be friends with this guy,” one person wrote. “That’s fantastic and freaking funny,” another wrote.

Some were much more critical: “If you want to do your ‘yoga routine’ on an airplane then you should fly private,” one posted. Another commented: “Another opportunity to say look at me look at me.”

Some people even joked that they would have pushed them over if they’d been on the flight.

This is far from the first time passengers have been spotted doing bizarre activities on planes.

On another occasion, a male flier was seen playing the flute during a flight. He appears to be playing from a sheet of music in front of him and the instrument is raised to his lips.

To add to the comedy of the unusual scene, the man has long hair and a beard leading some to compare him to Jesus Christ.

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