Flight secrets: The ONE airline seat every frequent flyer is after

The airline seat selection is all the more important when embarking on a long-haul flight, as passengers will be in their chosen furniture for quite a while. Many travellers will choose to sit together, with some preferring the window seat so they can see the skyline during take off and landing. Others prefer to be on the aisle – particularly those who may want to take a stroll in the cabin. Then there’s the dilemma of whether to sit at the front of the plane, for a quick and easy exit on touch down, or on the back seats for a spot of privacy.

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Others may enjoy the extra legroom – coupled with extra responsibility – of being positioned in the middle of the cabin, by the emergency exits.

Yet the best seat in the cabin favoured by frequent flyers has now been revealed.

Travel experts claim those who often find themselves in the skies, whether for work or pleasure, will automatically plump for the seats.

This may mean the particular selections sell out the quickest, so holiday makers will have to be quick to snap them up.

Nelson Wang, founder of CEOLifestyle.io, said experienced travellers always plump for the aisle seats.

She said: “You don’t have to hop over anyone to use the restroom and you can stretch out your legs in the aisle to get a good sleep.

“Yes, you might get clobbered a few times during meal and drink service, but it’s so worth it.”

Meanwhile, frequent flyers are sales savvy when it comes to maximising the benefits of brand loyalty with a particular airline.

Airport Planner Annie Lindseth claims the clued-up passengers use these details to their advantage.

She advises: “You should maximise the amenities.

“A frequent flyer number is essential, but you may also want to consider credit cards that provide airline points.

“Many of these cards provide airport lounge access, free checked bags, and other convenient features.”

Yet after they have taken to their allocated seats, there is one thing flight travellers will not see the cabin crew wearing.

One cabin crew assistant for Emirates has told how there is one accessory which is completely forbidden by bosses.

Joanna Collins, a UK-born, Dubai-based flight attendant who has worked for the prestos airline for the past six years said of the jewellery regulations: “We can either wear pearl earrings or studs that are diamond or crystal.

“Necklaces aren’t allowed.”

She added: “Watches are fine, but they have to be plain and simple.”

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