FIONA PRICE previews tonight’s TV: A match for war heroes

They uncover untold stories from the area, of people who drove the war effort back then and match up characters with real-life counterparts as best they can.

For example, tonight the series kicks off with Mark Charnock, best known as chef Marlon Dingle, exploring the life of a real-life chef who found himself behind the front line preparing meals for hungry troops. Mark discovers a cool legacy the chef left behind.

Mark, who can’t actually cook, even attempts to prepare a special pudding for a cookery competition held back then.

The series, celebrating hidden heroes, will culminate in the cast coming together to host their own Emmerdale Armistice Celebration.

Kim Jong-un must be a closet Monty Python fan, watching YouTube clips of the Dead Parrot Sketch in his downtime, or practising silly walks in his own North Korean ministry.

How else could Michael Palin have gained permission to travel with a camera crew to the world’s most secretive state in MICHAEL PALIN IN NORTH KOREA (Channel 5, 9pm)? The new two-parter – quite a coup for Channel 5 and apparently the result of two years of complex negotiations – sees the doyen of TV travelogues head to the capital, Pyongyang, on tonight’s first leg to explore a place almost never seen by Westerners and report back to us on what it’s like.

Crossing over from China, Michael notices an immediate difference, from urban Chinese money to the low-rise totalitarian state.

Set up with translators to watch his every move, Michael visits a government-run spa where people can get one of 12 officially sanctioned haircuts – wonder how popular the distinctive ‘Jong-un’ is – and an art school where students have to make propaganda posters rather than let their imaginations run wild.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, when Michael discovers during May Day celebrations that North Koreans love a party.

Palin, who last packed his suitcase for 2012’s trip to Brazil, is a master of the travelogue – combine that with this never-before-seen destination and this is must-see TV.

And finally… TO CATCH A SERIAL KILLER – WITH TREVOR MCDONALD (ITV, 9pm) sees the former newsreader chat with ex-cop Steve Fulcher, whose police career imploded after he mishandled an important case.

In 2011, then Det Supt Fulcher arrested Swindon taxi driver Christopher Halliwell on suspicion of the murder of 22-year-old Sian O’Callaghan.

Halliwell confessed to killing Sian but not only to that – during their chat, Halliwell also admitted that in 2003 he’d killed prostitute Becky Godden.

But the maverick methods Fulcher used in his interviews with Halliwell – failing to caution him sufficiently and denying him access to a solicitor – proved disastrous for the case and for Fulcher personally.

He ended up accused of gross misconduct and lost his job and the court case was hampered by his failure to follow procedure.

Tonight, Sir Trevor goes through the whole story, hearing Fulcher’s side as well as that of others involved in this fascinating case.

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