Finding Paradise Is The Newest Episode Of The Emotional To The Moon Series


If you could redo your life, what would you change? What would you ultimately wish to gain or experience? Finding Paradise explores these questions as a man on his deathbed participates in a procedure that takes his life down a road it may have not previously walked. Players will no doubt feel the heavy atmosphere as the conductors of this procedure, ensuring that a wish is fulfilled.

For players unfamiliar with To The Moon, fear not – the stories can be played independently (but it’s safe to say if you like one, you’ll like the other). Players assume the role of two scientists who carry out a delicate procedure that allows people to artificially experience their lives once again, but with the ability to seek out a different ending. The problem is that the procedure is so delicate that it is only done when a patient is about to pass away.

Returning to the series for episode two are Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts, who had previously appeared in To The Moon. They are tasked again with performing their duty in fulfilling a wish, this time of a man named Colin. He knows how the operation works and wishes to participate and push the boundaries even further.

To The Moon
had impeccable sound, story, and visuals, and Finding Paradise looks to be just as striking. Players will want to stock up on tissues, because these games pull zero emotional punches. The game will take hold of your heart and force you to think about your choices and how you live your life, and more importantly, how not to waste it.

You can purchase Finding Paradise on Steam and GOG! You can also follow the developers on their site, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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