Facing the Glass Cliff Head On

Women in the workplace commonly face difficult hurdles, including gender discrimination, pay inequality, and of course, the metaphorical glass ceiling. Yet women are an unstoppable force, evidenced by over 39% of women working in occupations where women make up at least three-quarters of the workforce. So how to explain the fact that women CEOs are 45% more likely to be fired from CEO roles than men?

The glass cliff, with a meaning similar to the glass ceiling, is yet another barrier that makes it difficult for women to advance in the workplace. The glass cliff describes what often happens when women are elevated to executive roles in a company when business has been going poorly. High-performing women are appointed to these roles even though the chances of failure is the highest, and then are often held personally responsible when they can’t turn things around for the better. Though it can be a tricky paradox to face, the glass cliff is no match for a well-prepared woman. See the infographic below from Fundera for more ways to navigate the glass cliff without falling off.


Infographic was originally published on Fundera.

What is the Glass Cliff?

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