Eco-Friendly Changes To Make In the Home

Eco-Friendly Changes To Make In the Home

Each year, Europeans produce 25m tonnes of plastic waste and while many people believe in being kind to the environment, choosing to be more eco-friendly in the home is still an uphill battle. The belief that introducing more eco-friendly practices at home equates to more expensive lifestyle changes isn’t necessarily the case and there are alternative solutions that won’t cost the earth. Swapping everyday habits in the home makes a big difference to the planet whether it’s a choice of green design for a home or if you’re looking for ways to reduce waste. When people want the world to be healthier and cleaner, then there are some easy ways to be environmentally friendly in the home.

Shop for greener alternatives

So many cleaning products on the market are made from harsh chemicals and while these products may be cheaper they can also be harmful for a person’s health. Looking for quality cleaning alternatives which have non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients will have positive effects on the planet and can often save money in the long term. There are many more ways to make your home eco-friendly such as finding energy saving appliances or choosing water-based paints. Similarly, buying products which are made from natural and renewable materials such as bamboo toothbrushes are preferred environmentally-friendly options and have seen an increase in the global market for sustainable products. This has changed the way people shop according to eco-friendly trends.

Bring the garden indoors

Bringing plants inside the home will not only add ambiance but will clean the air of harmful substances by increasing levels of oxygen. Planting indoor plants around the rooms of a home has a range of health benefits such as reducing stress, stopping headaches and preventing allergies. Consider planting herbs and even vegetables in pots as organic alternatives to sourcing food from larger supermarkets to help reduce transportation costs and damage to the environment. Additionally, plants will make an attractive green oasis even for those who aren’t green-fingered, and the popularity of vertical gardens and green roofs are changing the landscapes of Europe’s cities and towns.

Reduce waste in landfills

The majority of household waste can take thousands of years to deteriorate because the materials from which they are made from as non-biodegradable and can cause environmental hazards for the earth. Repurposing furniture and other green interior designs have seen a steady rise in recent years and these trends have contributed to lessening waste in landfills. Other examples of how items can be used for different reasons can range from buying a reusable water bottle as opposed to plastic water bottles to turning old clothes into new cushion covers to reduce landfill waste.

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