eBay: Rare uncirculated 50p coin worth £2,500 – do you have one of these valuable pieces?

Ebay is a fantastic resource for buying and selling rare coin types, but would you know one if you saw one?

A rare 50p coin listed for a whopping sum on eBay is an example of what might reach a high sum.

The rare coin, which has a 2017 Isaac Newton design on it, is listed for the sky high price of £2,500.

It is being sold by eBay user taylor0151 who has a 100 per cent positive feedback rating on the site.

The listing description reads: “You are bidding on a Rare 50 pence coin as below. Sir Isaac Newton 50p. Non Circulated – Excellent Condition! Please see my feedback for reassurance of quality.”

The coin is being followed by 20 watchers across the eBay website, which gives an indication as to its value.

So how rare exactly is this coin? The Change Checker website, which services the coin collecting community, gives us a clue.

There are 1,800,000 of these coins in circulation, according to the site. It gives the scarcity rating of 11, which means it is common by this measure.

The Royal Mint website provides some further information about this coin and its unique origins.

It reveals that the reverse design of this coin was created by Aaron West and the edge has been left plain.

The description explains the coin’s origins, as well as providing some background about Isaac Newton’s little known connection with the Royal Mint.

It reads: “When Sir Isaac Newton came to The Royal Mint, Britain’s finances were approaching crisis. Up to one in ten circulating coins were believed to be forged.

“His vision of matchless quality led him to root out and prosecute notorious counterfeiters, improve assaying techniques (the way coin quality is checked) and refine weights and measures to standards never seen before.

“In 1699 Newton became Master of the Mint. After overseeing the new coinage for the accession of Queen Anne in 1702 he went on to supervise the process of bringing Scottish coinage into line with English coinage, following the Union of England and Scotland in 1707.

“Thanks to Newton’s vision Royal Mint coins remain unrivalled in their accuracy and purity to this day.”

Last week, another coin said to be rare was listed on the eBay website for a great sum.

One rare £2 coin which has a Charles Dickens design is listed for the price of £400.

The user, johsco_55, has a 100 per cent positive feedback rating on the site.

It is listed under the title: “Charles Dickens 2012 £2 Two pound coin Very rare Royal Mint error.”

The description explains that the coin has “minting errors” which makes it more rare.

It reads: “Rare dicken’s £2 coin with minting errors. Writing around edge “something will turn up” is upside-down. “The dots on the head side are missing around nearly half the coin, on the left side of the queens head.This is a circulated coin so there are signs of wear.”

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