eBay: ‘Rare’ £1 coin with minting defects selling for £500 – YOUR coin could have them too

eBay is the world’s biggest online auction site, attracting thousands and thousands of buyers and sellers.

Amongst those are keen coin collectors, who are willing to splash out for seemingly small change.

One coin hoping to attract one of these collectors is a “rare” £1 coin with a significant minting error.

The coin was listed this afternoon by eBay user “robimora-1”, who is based in Wadebridge.

The seller also boats 100 per cent positive feedback, enhancing the reliability of the listing.

Robimora-1 listed the coin as a “Rare deformed pound coin offset print”.

Not elaborating much more in the description, the seller added: “Rare miss print New £1 coin” (sic).

The coin is a 2016 £1 coin, and appears to have a skew print and unusual marks on the outer rim.

Listed for a whopping £500, the seller is also open to having lower offers made on the coin.

The 12-sided £1 coin was minted in 2016, and designed to combat fraud due to two different coloured metals and a hologram underneath the Queen’s effigy.

According the the Royal Mint, many of the old one-colour £1 coins are fake.

The new £1 coin was designed by David Pearce, and features rose, leek, thistle and shamrock encircled by a coronet.

Half a billion of the new £1 coins were minted in 2016, with production rates increased.

The faster rate of production and amount of coins being minted led to mistakes being made in minting.

Many coins were misprinted or featured minting defects, often selling for sky-high prices on eBay.

Earlier this month another rare £1 coin with a minting error was sold for £200 on eBay.

The coin was listed as a “£1 very rare 2017 circulated £1 one pound coin mint error missprint miss strike” [sic].

The description simple read: “Very rare 2017 error £1. Leaked egg.”

A newly minted 2017 £1, the coin had the centre silver circle leaking into the outer gold rim.

The silver had leaked out from its perimeters, causing some of the outer engraving to be printed in silver.

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