eBay: £2 coin selling for £350 – do YOU have one of these rare coins in your back pocket?

eBay is a treasure trove for collectors of rare coins, who are often on the hunt for a specific coin of high value to add to their collection.

A £2 coin with the description “Gibraltar £2 Two Pounds Coin 1999 The Cretan Bull Labours Of Hercules RARE” is currently listed for a price of £349.99 on the auction site.

The listing shows the coin’s value to collectors is much higher than the two pounds written on the front.

The seller, who goes by the username hazardouspotato, has a 100 per cent positive feedback on the eBay rating platform.

In the listing description, the seller refers to the special £2 coin piece as “one of the rarest coins” in his collection.

“Rare coin in capsule can collect from Manchester M29 or will post special delivery signed for one of the rarest coins in the collection”.

So what makes this coin so special among collectors?

The Gibraltar stamps website gives a little more information about Gibraltar pound coins which are different to UK coins.

The description reads: “There are a wide range of coins available ranging from Complete Year Sets of circulating coins to various Commemorative Crown coins issued by the Gibraltar Government.

“Gibraltar has its own currency, the Gibraltar pound which is pegged with the pound sterling at par.

“As a consequence, the Gibraltar Government mints its own coins.

“The coins are made with the same planchets as the UK pound.”

According to the Numista website, the Gibraltar Hercules and Cretain Bull coin was designed by engraver and British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley.

Earlier this week, another rare coin was selling on eBay for £450.

The 1807 Abolition of Slavery £2 coin is a rare design bearing a chain on the obverse side.

The seller, henrjame_60, has 100 per cent positive feedback, and the post currently has 37 watchers – suggesting the coin is very desirable.

One can learn a little more about this coin in the description on the listing.

The coin’s unique minting error, which is to do with upside down writing, is also described.

It reads: “Minting error £2 coin Letters around the edge are upside down, has been in circulation but in great condition.

“This coin is rare without the minting error. This will only appreciate in value.”

The Royal Mint website explains a little more about this coin’s origins.

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