EastEnders spoilers: Soap boss Kate Oates reveals dark BBC storylines to shake-up Walford

will now become even “darker” with a terrifying storyline that scares new boss Kate Oates.

Kate was behind murderer Pat Phelan’s (played by Connor McIntyre) downfall on Coronation Street.

The soap boss said: “We’ve got some good Mitchell stuff on the storyboard, the Phil, Keanu, Sharon stuff is all very exciting, we’ve got some good stuff for Tiffany with her having taken herself into a dark world.

“I’m picking up on stories that have already begun here.

“I love the Carters. I always want to see them tested but that doesn’t mean not seeing them in the Vic. I like them in the Vic and I think Danny and Kellie are a brilliant soap pairing.

“They’ve got an amazing range because as well as the drama they’re capable of such warmth and I think that’s when the audience loves them at their best, when they’re actually showing that full range.”

Kate continued to The Sun: ”So no, I don’t have any kind of plans to shake that up. I’m a big fan of the Carters so no, no plans to get rid of them.

“Mel’s in a bit of a pickle which will pick up in the New Year. We’re going to be flexing Tamzin Outhwaite’s muscles a little bit so that’s exciting.

“The Slaters are a really vibrant precinct and they’re just as lively as ever so yeah. We’ve got some good stuff in the works.”

It comes after Hayley Slater (played by Katie Jarvis) revealed she would be making a soap exit during tonight’s episode.

Viewers know Hayley’s baby will be the child of Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), Kat Slater’s (Jessie Wallace) husband.

However, nobody in Hayley’s immediate family seems to know, other than Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

Jean suspicion’s over Alfie being the father were confirmed when she asked Hayley: “Is that Alfie’s baby?” 

Hayley will try to make a break from Albert Square to leave for a mother and baby hostel.

In a shock turn of events for Hayley, she will be disappointed to discover she must give birth before she can stay.

Tonight’s episode hinted that Hayley would also be giving up the newborn for adoption.

Sitting alone in a car, Hayley rubbed her bump and watched her family walking around Walford.

Hayley said: “They ain’t so bad. We won’t be living with them though.

“Not once you’re here. Not with this hanging over us. We can’t.”

Dropping a huge bombshell, Hayley added: “And you won’t be living with me either.”

continues on Monday on One at 8pm.

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