EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater dealt ANOTHER devastating blow following cancer scare

Jean Slater (played by Gillian Wright) has been on a never-ending rollercoaster since she discovered she may have cancer.

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She spent weeks hiding her diagnosis, but the truth eventually came out when Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) found one of her appointment letters.

Kat went on to tell Jean’s daughter Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner), who begged her mother to undergo further tests.

But an anxious Jean fled EastEnders last week, leaving her family fearing for her safety and well-being.

On Monday’s instalment of the BBC soap, Stacey lied to the police and told them she received a phone call from Jean, saying she was suicidal.

The barmaid hoped the information would force officers to speed up their investigation and it appeared to be working as PC Campbell rushed to the house to speak to her.

However, after questioning Stacey the detective soon learned she had made up the suicide threat, as she did not feel the police were taking Jean’s disappearance seriously.

“She’s probably out there dying from cancer,” Stacey shouted at the officer.

“She’s tried to kill herself before!”

Screaming at the top of her lungs, she raged: “How do I know she’s not out there doing the same thing right now?”

Stacey was then warned by the PC about “wasting police time” and her family feared she was struggling with her mum’s decision to run away.

Later, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) told the Slaters Jean had got in touch with her to say she was fine and asked to be left alone for a few days.

“She’ll be back for her appointment next week,” Shirley assured the family.

The Slaters were relieved by the news, but later Jean made an alarming discovery, which could prove difficult to handle.

Jean, who suffers from bipolar disorder, find out she was running out of her medication.

With very little medication left, will she return home sooner? Or, weather the storm?

No doubt, Jean will find herself in an unimaginable predicament, one EastEnders boss Kate Oates recently alluded to.

Of Jean’s storyline, the producer spilled: “She’s going to have a challenge coming her way where we look at her mental health through her physical health.

“So I’m excited about that one too.”

EastEnders continues Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm.

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