Donald Trump and Melania’s body language with Justin Trudeau shows THIS about First Lady

Donald Trump, 72, and his wife Melania Trump, 47, were pictured at the White House yesterday, meeting Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, 45, and his wife Sophie Gregoire, 42.

Trump and Trudeau are opposed politically but they seemed somewhat friendly on this occasion, with Trudeau ‘sucking-up’ to the American President.

Body language expert Judi James told “Trudeau looks deliriously happy to go into body language suck-up mode with Trump here, nestling close beside him and grinning as Trump performs the pointing and thumbs-up rituals that he used to do with fans outside the lift at Trump Towers.”

However, Trudeau’s body language with Melania is “very informal here, with those wide-splayed legs erring on the side of cheeky.”

Judi adds: “Trump’s thumbs-up gestures imply a fun, easy-going relationship with Trudeau although it also seems to signal low levels of respect. 

“The comedy point is equally amusing but also a subtle way to put down Trudeau’s visible status. Boris used to perform this gesture with Cameron and although it is the body language equivalent of banter a point is an act of masked aggression at the end of the day.”

However, according to Judi, it is Melania who is the real power player here.

She said: “The complete revelation  here is Melania though. Not only is she wearing a very sharp masculine-looking pants suit but she’s acquired the alpha pose to go with it. 

“Standing further forward than her husband she is virtually at attention here. The position and quasi-military look of this pose makes her look higher status than her husband here.

“It’s very similar to the body language of Hilary Clinton so either Trump hasn’t noticed or he’s happy to have a small rebellion role-play in the ranks!”

Judi has analysed the body language between Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau before, when she claimed Justin had a gentlemanly attitude to the First Lady of the US.

She has also dissected recent body language between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Prince was seen kissing his Suit-actress girlfriend at the Invictus Games recently.

Prince Harry, 33, and Meghan Markle, 36, cuddled up to one another at the event, devised by the Prince.

Judy said: “Their ‘in love’ signals were undeniable during their very public outing at the Invictus games but with these shots showing what seems to be a more natural and relaxed view of Harry and Meghan we get a chance to drill down a bit deeper and see how this relationship works.

“With Meghan’s mother Doria sitting nearby this was a family outing of sorts for Harry and when your intimacy signals increase in sight of your potential mother-in-law as Harry’s do here it’s pretty likely you’ve made your intentions clear privately even if nothing has yet been announced publicly.”

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