Cruise secrets: Why you should never use the lift on a ship

Cruise secrets have recently revealed how to find the secrets decks on a number of ships such as Carnival and Princess.

However there are other ways to make the most of a holiday while on a cruise.

Cruise expert Adam Coulter, UK Managing editor of website Cruise Critic, has revealed his best advice for holiday.

One of those is to always avoid the lift on a cruise ship.

Most cruise ships have a lift at the front, middle and back of the ship.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the lifts can take an extremely long time on a cruise ship.

Not only are there a lot of floors, with some ships having up to 13 floors, but they can also be much slower than on land with the volume of people they have to carry.

“Waiting for the elevator could easily take you five minutes each way,” a user revealed on the website.

“You waste a lot of time waiting, and there are many who really need to use it.”

Cruises try and cater to disabled passengers, and one of those ways is using the lift.

However, if able-bodied people use them, then it can make it harder for them to travel across the ship.

One cruise goer wrote: “It drives me mad when able-bodied passengers complain that they’ve had to wait for 10 minutes for a lift when they could walk just a little way to the nearest steps or to alternative elevators.”

Many cruise-goers find themselves struggling to stay fit with the volume of food on offer and the lack of exercise.

Using the stairs can also help passengers keep their step count up during their holiday.

The lift buttons could also be harbouring some of the most bacteria on the ship.

A previous study revealed the dirtiest parts onboard are the lift buttons.

As nearly all passengers come into contact with them, it means bacteria can very quickly spread due to the concentration of germs.

Other parts to avoid are the toilet door handles, casino machine handles and handrails through the ship.

Passengers should always carry antibacterial spray or wipes with them to avoid falling sick.

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