Cruise from HELL: Couple describe thinking they would 'die' as ship is caught in cyclone

If you are a regular cruise holiday-goer, then Channel 4 documentary ‘Cruises From Hell’ would have made horrifying viewing.

The programme met with holidaymakers who had been caught up in horrifying experiences on their cruise trips.

One couple detailed the moment their cruise liner was caught up in a bomb cyclone on their way back from the Bahamas.

Revealing how clueless the couple were as to the situation, they said: “We didn’t really realise what was about to come.”

Video footage they took before the weather really hit showed them laughing about it “raining”.

But the light rain soon turned nasty, leaving the couple thinking they were “going to die”.

Their ship had been caught up in a bomb cyclone – a rare and unlucky occurrence.

Simon Rowell, meteorologist for the British Sailing Team, explained bomb cyclones, and said: “If you have air converging into the middle at the bottom, and air rising in the middle, and then air going out at the top – if all three of those things happen at the same time then what you’re going to have is an explosive cyclogenesis.

“This is a ‘bomb cyclone’ thing, this ‘weather bomb’ effect, and it picks up really quickly.”

The couple continued: “I’ve never felt more scared and there was no one to reassure me that it was going to be ok.

“We sat inside the window and it seemed grey and dark and rough looking, and it was for miles, there was no land, no sign of brightness, no other ships.

“I just had in my mind ‘the boat’s going to capsize, will we get in to a lifeboat? I’m going to die here with my family’ and it was the most frightening experience of my life I suppose.”

While most cruise journeys are trouble free, this is not the first horror story from recent years involving poor weather conditions.

Passenger Jessica Grace posted a video showing a P&O Australia ship during a storm, with doors being slammed open as the liner battled strong waves.

It also showed the huge waves outside the window as well as the swimming pools overflowing as they rocked.

Other passengers reportedly struggling to get around the ship and stay upright.

She told Daily Mail Australia: “Everyone walking is being thrown around seen several people thrown into walls while walking.”

Footage from a cruise in the Baltic sea shows the ship being battered by waves during the night.

Huge water surges attack the ship, rocking it as it fights to stay upright.

In one particularly heart-stopping moment, the person filming takes a step back into the ship to stay safe.

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