Couples are more likely to divorce amicably if they’re worth $5 million or more, says a divorce attorney

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  • Rich American couples who have about $ 5 million are more likely to have an amicable divorce, says one divorce lawyer.
  • That’s in contrast to upper middle class couples worth between $ 1 million and $ 5 million, who tend to fight more under the strain of socioeconomic pressures.
  • This insight comes from writer Lauren Vinopal’s exploration on Fatherly of why the upper middle class — dubbed “the fighting class” — fights the most about money.

Couples fighting about money is nothing new. Financial problems are at the root of many divorces … and that may be particularly so if the couple has a net worth of less than $ 5 million.

That’s the magic threshold for rich people to have an amicable divorce, divorce attorney Randall Kessler told writer Lauren Vinopal in an article on Fatherly. That’s because, according to Kessler, money still matters under $ 5 million, and it’s worth fighting about. “If you have less than $ 5 million you’re not set for life. Less than $ 5 million, you’re not secure no matter who you are,” Kessler told her.

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