Countryfile on BBC: Matt Baker’s Somerset farming segment leaves fans FUMING

Countryfile was back on BBC One this evening, and fans of the show were eager to settle into yet another episode.

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The episode was centred in Somerset and saw presenters Matt Baker and Adam Henson visit a section of farms in the area.

However, viewers were quickly left frustrated by the programme as Matt spent some time on a farm in Somerset called Stream Farm.

The farm was what’s known as a share farm, which gives access to land for people who want to be farmers.

Yet, viewers weren’t very impressed by the amount of so-called “middle-class Londoners” that come to these farms.

Many viewers then took to Twitter to complain about this fact.

One viewer said: “This is basically posh English folk getting out of Londonistan & living life free of wearing a stab vest everywhere!”

Another said: “Is this designer farming, middle-class types from the city turning up in a Range Rover with a pair of hunters under there arms asking to be a farmer.”

Another said: “We quit our city jobs once we were rich enough to become farmers.”

“So Countryfile. Not entirely representative? Just saying. As someone who lives in the countryside,” wrote another viewer.

“Her background is upper middle class,” added one more viewer.

A viewer added: “Gosh I feel like a real nimby here but meh! Not one actual Somerset accent and has everyone moved from bloody London?”

“So #Somerset has clearly become a beacon for Londoners. They’re the only ones I guess who can take the financial risk of attempting a different lifestyle #countryfile,” said one more viewer.

This came after last week’s episode saw Matt Baker travel to the British county of Cheshire.

However, viewers were a little unsettled at the end of the show.

After learning about the wildlife which inhabits the county, Matt and Ellie wrapped the BBC show by enjoying some culinary delights by enjoying a scone with sweet jam and clotted cream to accompany.

However, viewers were not happy with the order in which the presenters decided to structure the scone as they chose to put jam on half the scone and cream on the other.

Taking to Twitter in light of the show’s conclusion, viewers were outraged by Matt and Ellie’s afternoon tea etiquette and didn’t hold back in letting their opinions known.

One viewer posted: “Scone: Jam: Cream that’s how you prep a cream tea. None of this half&half that I’ve just spotted on #countryfile.”

Another added: “Ellie you need some serious professional help, 1/2 & 1/2 is no way to treat a scone. #countryfile.”

While a third remarked: “Half and half! That’s a travesty if you’re not gonna do it properly don’t bother #countryfile.”

Countryfile continues Sunday at 6.35pm on BBC One.

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