Coronation Street spoilers: Ruby Dobbs child abuse twist leaves fans with one big question

While Tyrone (played by Alan Halsall) was sharing a hug with Ruby (Macy Alabi) and Hope (Isabella Flanagan), water began dripping through the ceiling from the bathroom that the girls had just returned from.

As Tyrone went to check out what was causing the leak, he furiously returned seconds later and raged at Ruby in typical fashion.

Holding green Play-Doh, Tyrone fumed: “What is this? What is it doing in the plughole? What makes you think that’s a good idea putting that in the bathroom sink?”

Ruby protested: “I didn’t?” as Hope smirked and Fiz chirped: “Ty, let’s leave this for now!”

Not accepting that Ruby was innocent, Tyrone continued: “Don’t you lie to me!” as Ruby once again said: “It wasn’t me!”

Tyrone then asked: “Well who was it? Because it certainly wasn’t me and it wasn’t mummy!” prompting Ruby to look over at Hope, but say nothing.”

He then screeched: “Don’t you blame your sister! You’re going to have to stop lying, you!”

Fed up of constantly taking the blame for Hope’s actions, Ruby tried to storm out of the room and shouted: “Shut up! I’m not lying!”

Tyrone then added: “Yes you are! Just admit it. You are going to stand there and you’re going to tell me the truth.”

Ruby then left the room screaming: “I’m not lying!” as Tyrone smacked her on the way out, adding: “Yes you are!”

Tyrone seemed to instantly regret his actions, but Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) still stayed quiet.

Viewers were not happy with both Fiz and Tyrone, with one fan tweeting: “Seriously Fiz better open her mouth #Corrie.”

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh Fiz really frustrates me. Why didn’t she tell Tyrone that it was Hope?? #Corrie,” posted another.

A third added: “#Corrie Fiz, now look what you’ve done. If you had told Tyrone that Hope was misbehaving, then Ruby wouldn’t have got smacked!!!!”

“Is Fizz a good mother? She just watched Ty smack Ruby and she says nothing! #Corrie,” asked another.

A fifth wrote: “Fiz how could you stand there and not say anything? Poor Ruby #Corrie.”

“@itvcorrie Hope is so spoilt I hope Fiz isn’t just gonna stand there and let ruby take the blame…” said another.

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