Coronation Street spoilers: New boss reveals plans for ITV soap as he teases 'dark' plots

Iain MacLeod has revealed what’s in store for fans of Coronation Street after taking over from former producer Kate Oates.

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The new boss, who previously worked on ITV drama series Emmerdale, discussed details about upcoming storylines and plots.

As the producer of one of the longest-running soaps in UK history, Iain said he intends to evolve the series without messing with tradition.

He also revealed his intention to spice things up a little, by pairing polar opposite themes with one another in order to create great TV.

In an interview with Metro, Iain said: “I don’t intend to do anything radically different really. If I’m going to do anything, it’s to focus on balancing any dark stuff with lighter stuff.

“And with comedy and with character, which is what people first fell in love with about Corrie. Including myself.”

The screenwriter also defended Kate, who had been criticised heavily for airing “dark” stories, which tackled issues like suicide, sexual assault and death.

Standing up for Kate, he insisted: “I think a lot of what she did was challenging, but it was massively successful in terms of audience reaction and also the social responsibility of what we do.”

However, he did acknowledge that most people do not tune in to Coronation Street for the hard hitting storylines that try to shed light on social issues.

“Kate’s a friend of mine and she’s extraordinarily talented woman, very intelligent, very capable, very good storyteller and I think she, in her time on this show, told some massively socially important stories that changed people’s lives,” he offered.

“That’s not perhaps the reason people tune in to Coronation Street, but it shouldn’t be sniffed at and the viewing figures speak for themselves.”

When asked how the programme will “change” with his leadership, he replied: “I don’t think people will see a change in the tone of the show when my name appears on the end of the credits.

“It’ll be as it’s always been on Corrie, evolution from one phase to the next and only an idiot would come in and think let’s re-brief anything.”

Iain was confirmed as the chief producer of Coronation Street earlier this year when Kate Oates stepped down from the role after two years in the job.

“Being a part of Coronation Street has quite simply been one of the best experiences of my life,” she said back in April.

“I am proud of the stories we have told and the impact they have had – and I’ve had a ball working with one of the best and most talented teams in television.”

“I’ll be forever grateful for this opportunity and all it has given me, but I’m also excited to try something new,” she finished.

Meanwhile, Iain said landing the role was a “dream” and joked how only Coronation Street could have tempted him away from Emmerdale.

He added: “It gave me my first job in TV as an assistant researcher many years ago and to be returning as producer is the fulfilment of a longstanding dream.”

Coronation Street continues tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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