Christmas flights: You should never do THIS with your hand luggage

Christmas holidays see Britons jetting all over the world whether in search of winter sun, a festive break or just to join loved ones. However, travel experts have warned holidaymakers need to be particularly careful when it comes to hand luggage at this time of year. Presents and Christmas go hand in hand but gifts may land you in trouble at the airport. It’s vital you remove wrapping paper before you go through airport security.

This strict rule is because security officials may wish to examine such packages – and you’ll have to unwrap the presents there and then.

Adam Ewart, CEO and Founder of luggage shipping company Send My Bag, spoke to about why this is so important.

“As you prepare to head off for the holidays carrying festive gifts for family and friends, my best advice is to avoid wrapping them,” he said.

“You may think you are saving yourself time by wrapping gifts before you leave, but security holds the right to rip open your beautifully done wrapping, should they want to inspect the package.

“This applies to both checked and carry-on luggage. Save the wrapping until you arrive so you don’t have to worry about your gifts and their journey through security.”

Ryanair also provides advice with regard to presents and wrapping on their website.

“Don’t pack wrapped gifts in your checked-in luggage. Wrapped gifts will be searched and screened by airport security staff,” said the site.

“Do take a gift bag that can be folded and packed flat or save your expert wrapping skills until you arrive at your destination.”

It’s important to remember that liquid restrictions still apply (under 100ml) even to presents.

Gatwick Airport’s online guide states: “Presents in liquid form (e.g. perfume, toiletries or alcohol) can be carried in cabin baggage but this is subject to the current measures.

“It would therefore be advisable to place such presents – unwrapped – in hold baggage. Liquids of any amount can still be stored in hold baggage.”

There are several popular festive items that can also catch travellers out in hand luggage.

For example, brandy butter may start off solid but at the end of a flight it can turn into a liquid which means airlines count it as such, so it will have to be under 100ml to be able to fly with you. The same rule applies to camembert.

Snow globes also have liquid in them which means they won’t be allowed to pass through security.

If you’re remaining in the UK this Christmas and hoping to enjoy a break in the snow, the best places in the country for the white stuff have been revealed.

Unsurprisingly, you may have to head pretty far north to boost the odds. The Cairngorm National Park in Scotland gets more snow than any other are in the UK, with snow falling on 76 days throughout the year. 

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