Chipotle will start serving queso at all US locations — here’s what it’s like (CMG)

Chipotle Test Kitchen 6Hollis Johnson

After years of denying customers’ demands for queso, Chipotle is finally adding the item to the menu nationwide. 

On Tuesday, Chipotle announced that queso would be available at all Chipotle locations across the US on September 12. It will cost customers $ 1.25 to add the cheesy dip to an entrée, and up to $ 5.25 for a large side order of queso and chips. 

The chain debuted queso in its New York City test kitchen in July. Chipotle began serving queso at roughly 350 restaurants in California and Colorado in August.

Chipotle said in a statement Tuesday that it has tweaked its queso recipe based on customer feed back and crafted a final recipe that “has proved very popular with customers.” 

Business Insider tried the chain’s original queso at Chipotle’s test kitchen, which also serves other test items, including new salads and margaritas. Here’s what the chain’s first all-natural take on the cheesy dip was like. 

The test kitchen, called Chipotle Next Kitchen, is on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 13th Street in Manhattan.

Hollis Johnson

Wandering in, you’d think it’s just a run-of-the-mill Chipotle, complete with the standard fast-casual decor and the lunchtime rush.

Hollis Johnson

But, this location was the first in the world to add queso to the menu.

Hollis Johnson

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