Chicago Fire Boss Previews This Fall’s Mega #OneChicago Crossover

Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas is looking to aliens and tsunamis for inspiration for next season’s big crossover with Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.

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No, the Windy City-set universe isn’t turning into a sci-fi drama or a Syfy disaster movie. But before we get into how spacemen factor in, some background: For the first time, Haas and #OneChicago über producer Dick Wolf will spearhead all three hours of this fall’s crossover event, which will commence with Fire‘s fourth episode before leading into Med and then P.D. that same night.

“Dick and I came up with the story, and then I’m writing the three episodes, which will be really fun,” Haas tells TVLine. “I haven’t written Med since we did the Med [spinoff] episode. But you’ll see why that’s feasible, because it’s less about each show having its own shape to it and more like all three shows really intertwined throughout. You could be watching any hour and be like, ‘Oh, wait, is this P.D.? Or is this Med? Or is this Fire?’ We’re even doing scenes that you would think would be a Med scene, but it’s in the Fire hour.”

As for the feel of this year’s crossover, which kicks off with a mysterious illness, Haas likens it to two classic movies: “We were thinking of like Poseidon Adventure or like Independence Day,” he says, “where you’ve got a bunch of stories — cutting to one, cutting to another — and there’s a mystery, both medical and criminal, going on that we’re trying to solve before it gets out of hand.”

NBC’s Wednesday night Chicago block returns Sept. 25, beginning with Med (at 8/7c) and followed by Fire (at 9 pm) and P.D. (at 10 pm.)

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