Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Rodrigo Alves under fire from fans over Ben Jardine bath scene

Ben took a bath during tonight’s episode of , prompting Rodrigo to ask to see Ben fully naked.

Rodrigo could be seen to try and move Ben’s arm, which was covering his genitals.

The cosmetic surgery representative, known as the human Ken doll, shrieked: “Oh, are you naked? Oh my gosh, you are!

“Oh, let me see your willy! Let’s see. Flick the bit here and let’s have a look.”

Fans were shocked by the behaviour and called on bosses to remove the contestant from the house.

One viewer tweeted: “First saying the n word. Now trying to see Ben’s willy in the bath I’m expecting Rodrigo to get kicked out before the first eviction #cbb.”

“I find Rodrigo utterly vile. Constantly pestering Ben to see his private parts, etc. Get a grip, and remove him from the house. #CBB,” posted another.

A third wrote: “#CBBUK can’t bare Rodrigo, find it disgusting how anyone would go up to a stranger and ask to see their privates, vile. Ben was laughing but looked uncomfortable.”

“Day 3. Rodrigo makes my skin crawl the more and more I watch him. Then asking to see Ben’s willy in the bath was cringey. If this wasn’t ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother and it was standard, he would have been booted already. #CBB,” said another.

A fifth fumed: “Omg!! Rodrigo is asking Ben to see his d**k?!?!?! Are you having a laugh!!?? If that was one of the girls asking to see that then they’d be getting called into the diary room #CBB.”

“#CBB anyone else getting weirded out by Rodrigo invading Ben J in the bath or is it just me?” questioned another.

Other viewers saw the funny side, with one tweeting: “#CBB #CBBRodrigo is so funny! Love The Geezer! Rodrigo to win!” while another added: “I actually like Rodrigo, he’s funny #CBB.”

Elsewhere in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Natalie Nunn was less than impressed when she was told to wear a border control uniform and take part in the show’s building a wall task.

Kirstie Alley was made “President of the house” and revealed the shopping task would surround the wall building task.

The actress addressed the housemates, saying: “As your President, I take the security of the Big Brother house and protecting its borders from the outside world very seriously.

“We have just received a special intelligence that indicates several powerful outsiders are plotting to cross the Big Brother border and infiltrate the house in order to steal Big Brother’s green cards.

“It is my presidential order to build a wall. A great, great wall. The greatest wall the world has ever seen.

“A fail will be incurred overtime an outsider is able to breach the wall and steal a green card.”

Natalie could be heard to protest: “F**k you… no, no, no.”

The giant pieces of lego formed to create the USA flag, which Natalie was not happy about.

Once the wall was built, Kirstie declared: “May this wall keep outsiders out and keep Big brother’s green cards safe.

She concluded: “I declare this wall complete,” before the housemates cheer.

continues tomorrow on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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