On the hunt for a great software developer? Many recruiters turn to their networks and employee referrals in today’s competitive market. Others get creative in how they reach out to potential new hires. But, your best efforts don’t lend any new leads, there are some developer-specific job boards that can help you find a talented freelancer or […]

Tokenization vs. Encryption vs. Aliasing – How to Truly Minimize Compliance Risk

Article was originally published on Very Good Security. In the context of data security, modern digital businesses realize the dangers that come with using sensitive information in its raw form. Figuring out a way to collect and use the original data without putting it at risk remains a challenge, and organizations must channel a lot […]

Cryptocurrencies: A Pipe Dream Investment

Article was originally published on GSI Exchange. Investors across the globe have invested nearly $57 BILLION into cryptocurrencies Among the 100 cryptocurrencies that make up this total market capitalization, Bitcoin, the most popular of these alternative currencies, makes up roughly 50% of this entire volume (over $28 billion). Bitcoin’s market cap is so large that […]

Why We Need Gold and Bitcoin

Article was originally published on GSI Exchange. In today’s digital age, we live in two worlds: the physical world and the virtual world. The virtual world cannot exist without the physical world (power outages will attest to this). But we cannot exist in today’s physical world without the virtual world (digital technology has embedded itself into every aspect of […]

Field Sales Management: A Look At The Improved Processes

Managing field sales is a skill and those who have successfully managed to hone the skills have their faith in sales management software. Managing the on-field tasks manually is just not possible. You need to have an automated software that could take the scheduling and management pain away from your shoulders. On-field sales process is […]

Threat Modeling for Data Protection

When evaluating the security of an application and data model ask the questions: What is the sensitivity of the data? What are the regulatory, compliance, or privacy requirements for the data? What is the attack vector that a data owner is hoping to mitigate? What is the overall security posture of the environment, is it […]

How Remote Developers are Changing the Software Industry

Article was originally published on IndexCode. In previous articles, we’ve laid out the compelling reasons why more and more software teams are going remote. Virtual workers are more productive, less expensive, and more engaged with their work. Companies that partner with remote developers gain access to a global pool of talent; and, with the flexibility to […]

How These 3 E-Commerce Companies Work Remotely

Article was originally published on IndexCode. Software, mobile development, SaaS, and other tech companies that hire remotely are a dime-a-dozen: companies like Stripe, Buffer, and Coffee Meets Bagel are just a handful of those that benefit from working with top developers all over the world. Remote workers are penetrating virtually every industry, not just technology. A survey by Upwork found […]

15 Shocking Things in Your Life that Can Be Hacked

  As technology has improved over the years, so too has it improved our lives. Now, with the touch of a button, everything is at our fingerprints. But unfortunately, with that ease comes a price: it makes all of our items vulnerable to be hacked. Cranes can be hacked into and used for malicious purposes, […]

The Commodity/Cryptocurrency Evolution is Upon Us

Article was originally published on GSI Exchange. 2017 marks that year in which cryptocurrencies finally penetrated mainstream consciousness. A victory lap for the cypherpunk culture that pioneered its foundational technologies and underlying philosophy over twenty years ago? Sort of, but not quite. A schism took place in the perception of the technology itself, widening the […]