AMD promises firmware fixes for security processor bugs

Enlarge / AMD’s Ryzen die. Threadripper has two of these in a multi-chip module. Epyc has four of them. (credit: AMD) AMD has responded to the reports last week of a range of security flaws affecting its Platform Security Processor (PSP) and chipset. The company acknowledges the bugs and says that, in coming weeks, it […]

‘Hyper Light Drifter’ is another indie game coming to Switch

Nintendo wasn’t done with the indie game announcements after its #Nindies live stream earlier today. At an event and on social media it revealed three more ports coming to the Switch soon: Hyper Light Drifter, Nidhogg 2 and Crashlands. All three are GameMaker Studio titles, so it’s not surprising they’re coming to Nintendo’s convertible console […]

Ubisoft fights off takeover by entertainment giant Vivendi

Ubisoft is finally free of Vivendi. The entertainment titan behind the Universal Music Group and Dailymotion kept buying more and more Ubisoft shares since 2015 to the point that it became the video game publisher’s largest stakeholder. While Vivendi said that it was only interested in a seat in Ubisoft’s board, the video game publisher […]

Windows Server 2019 coming later this year, out now in preview

Enlarge / Project Honolulu user interface, one of the new features in Windows Server 2019. (credit: Microsoft) The next version of Windows Server will be branded Windows Server 2019, and it’ll be out in the second half of the year. This isn’t tremendously surprising, as it fits with the schedule Microsoft has already committed to […]

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, explained [Updated]

(credit: JD Lasica) Update: Cambridge Analytica has suspended CEO Alexander Nix. In addition to controversy over unauthorized access to private Facebook data, Nix is also facing a scandal over comments captured by hidden cameras. In those videos, Nix boasts about using dirty tricks—including staged bribery attempts and sending prostitutes to seduce political opponents—to win elections. Facebook […]

Toyota halts autonomous car testing on public roads

Uber’s fatal pedestrian collision is producing a ripple effect in the self-driving car industry. Toyota has temporarily halted public tests of its Chauffeur autonomous system due to the potential “emotional effect” on its human drivers. It’s not certain how long the pause will last or whether this is prompting a review of Toyota’s technology. It’s […]

LinkedIn adds Snapchat-like video filters because of course it is

Even LinkedIn can’t resist the urge to imitate Snapchat, it seems. The job-oriented social network is adding eerily familiar-looking filters to its video capture tools for Android and iOS, letting you brag about your “side hustle” and other updates as if you’re one of the hip kids. It feels forced, to put it mildly, but […]

Alabama lawmaker seems desperate to keep rocket tech in his home state

Enlarge / Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., descends the House steps in 2016. (credit: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) Marshall Space Flight Center has a long and storied history when it comes to rocket design and production. It was there that Wernher von Braun and his German compatriots helped NASA design the Saturn line of rockets that […]