Sea of Thieves makes a weak, meandering first impression

Enlarge / High boredom on the high seas. (credit: Rare) Sea of Thieves leaves a bewildering first impression, a magnificent second one, and, so far, a disappointing lasting taste. The piratical goof-’em-up does almost nothing to explain itself, and much of the game’s joy is in discovering how to navigate and progress through its multiplayer […]

The Mac gaming console time has forgot

Enlarge / Nope, that’s not an Xbox, Playstation, or even a Dreamcast… (credit:’s Museum) Apple in mid-1993 was reeling. Amidst declining Mac sales, Microsoft had gained a stranglehold over the PC industry. Worse, the previous year Apple had spent $ 600 million on research and development, on products such as laser printers, powered speakers, […]

A live-action ‘Street Fighter’ TV show is in development

According to Deadline, Street Fighter fans should keep an eye out for a new TV series currently in development from Entertainment One. The producers of the new show were previously involved with the web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, and now we’ll find out what they can do for TV. Capcom’s Street Fighter executive producer […]

Proposed law would insist on work-life balance for New Yorkers

With all of us connected to our phones day and night, it’s pretty easy to respond to work requests after official office hours are over. European countries like France have passed laws allowing employees to ignore employers after hours, giving citizens the right to disconnect. Now New Yorkers may have a similar freedom if a […]

Yet another security vulnerability afflicts India’s citizen database

India’s Aadhaar database is a national system that contains personal data and biometric information on over 1.1 billion Indian citizens. While joining is technically voluntary (for now, at least), enrollment has become necessary for things like opening bank accounts and applying for loans, filing tax returns and buying or selling property. But Aadhaar has been […]

Spielberg doesn’t think Netflix should win Oscars

In an interview, Steven Spielberg stated that content on Netflix should be considered television…and ineligible for Oscars. “Once you commit to a television format, you’re a TV movie,” he said on while chatting to ITV news during a tour promoting his upcoming film Ready Player One. Spielberg responded to a direct question about Netflix’s threat […]