Cities Of The Near Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published on PowerTools2U. Pneumatic waste systems, pollution sensors, robots, drones, and self-driving cars…it’s what we expect for the far future. But, these features could be coming to a town near you. In 2050 the world population is estimated to be 9.7 billion, currently, it stands at 7.53 billion. To tackle this overpopulation […]

Mapped: UK’s Spookiest Places

Infographic was originally published at ProtectionSupplies. Beautiful Britain – home to tremendous halls, castles and a long, bloody, history. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise this tiny island has a plentiful amount of paranormal activity. Whether it’s ancient ghost stories or unexplained phenomena, there is always something hiding in the UK’s dark shadows. […]

Too Cool For School – The University Dropouts That Made Millions

Article was originally published at FrangranceDirect. New figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show more and more students are abandoning their degrees, with dropout rates increasing every year from 2011. Of the students entering their first year of Higher Education in 2015 in England, a massive 26,000 decided not to return for […]

Best Coworking Cities Around The World [INFOGPRAHIC]

Infographic was originally published at Aspinal of London. The notion of ‘coworking’ is being adopted by most major cities in the world, and with more people deciding to ditch the 9-5 for more flexible working hours, we believe it’s important to help workers choose the right place to kick start their business. Our research looks […]

How Does Clutter Affect Your Health? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published at Blinds-Hut. Most people’s homes can become cluttered from time to time. Whether it’s last night’s takeaway box or the countless pet toys that make their way around your home, it’s easy for it to build up. There are several detrimental health effects that have been associated with the amount of […]

Do We Know Enough Before Buying A Home? [INFOGPRAHIC]

Infographic was originally published at Terry’s Fabrics. If you are a homeowner today, chances are you’re not a young adult and have a medium income (between £22,200 – £30,600). Homeownership has collapsed for young adults in the past two decades. With it being increasingly difficult for first-time buyers to purchase a home and property prices rising steadily, […]

Struggling to Sell Your Home? Your Neighbours Could Be the Problem. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published at PowerTools2U. Did you know that your neighbour’s house can actually devalue the price of your home by more than an incredible £130,000 just by the way the exterior looks? It’s true! In this piece, we’ll take you through all 12 major features that can contribute to your house being devalued […]

Generational Spending Habits: Is It True What They Say About Millennials?

Article was originally published at Deal Meisters. Whether it is your mother, your grandmother, or maybe your friend, we’ve all heard someone talking about how millennials don’t value money. Baby boomers are known for notoriously saying that millennials are entitled, that they overspend on extras, and that they do not understand what it is like […]

Update Your Skincare Routine for Healthier Skin This Autumn

The days are getting shorter and the air is getting crisp, which can only mean one thing – autumn is officially here. And while that’s good news for those who love the changing leaves, sweaters and boots, it might not be such good news for those who’ve experienced sun-damaged skin this summer. Approximately 90% of skin […]