eBay: A rare 50p coin is listed for £900 on the auction website – do you have one like it?

Ebay is a popular online hotspot for coin collectors on the look out for the most rare and valuable coin pieces. One rare 50p coin with a frog design is listed for a hefty sum on the auction website. The 50p coin, which has been viewed by six people in the last hour at the […]

Queen Letizia of Spain looks sombre beside King Felipe at Barcelona attacks ceremony

Queen Letizia of Spain looked sombre beside her husband King Felipe today at the first anniversary ceremony of the Barcelona attacks. The Spanish royal and former news anchor was pictured among crowds of people attending the remembrance ceremony. The devastating attack, where a van rammed into crowds in Las Ramblas, left 16 people dead. Letizia […]

Who did Sarah Ferguson date before she married Prince Andrew?

Sarah Ferguson is the redheaded Duchess of York who married the Queen’s second eldest son. She is the mother of Princess Eugenie, 28, and Princess Beatrice, 30. She is known primarily for her relationship with the Royal Family, however she has also worked with charities. Before she married Prince Andrew, Sarah dated another British figure […]

Pancreatic cancer: Why you should never ignore this sign in your poo – Dr Zoe reveals

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer to be diagnosed. It’s caused by the abnormal growth of cells in the pancreas, a gland that’s part of the digestive system. Pancreatic cancer symptoms can include back pain, weight loss and itchy skin. But, your poo could also reveal your risk of the […]

High blood pressure: Why should you control hypertension? Three deadly complications

High blood pressure affects more than 25 per cent of all adults in the UK. The condition, which is also known as hypertension, puts extra stress on blood vessels and vital organs. Having persistently high blood pressure increases the risk of a number of potentially life-threatening conditions, warned the NHS. These could include heart attacks, […]

I made Nan my bridesmaid before I lose her to dementia

Leanne, 35, said she wanted to make as many happy memories for Shirley Moodie as possible before her Alzheimer’s disease deteriorates. Mother-of-three Leanne and her partner of 10 years, Wayne McQuillan, 39, tied the knot in Goldhanger, Essex, on August 9. “It was absolutely lovely having my nan play such a big part in my […]

A deathly silence on funerals

Adults usually find it difficult to have conversations about death.  They feel they do not have the skills to articulate it.  According to the poll of more than 30,000 adults, a third of Britons admit they are uncomfortable talking about death. And a refusal to talk about it regularly leads to a failure to plan […]

Meat-eating peril of cutting back carbs

Eating carbs in moderation was “optimal” for health and longevity, a US study found. Proteins and fats from vegetables, legumes and nuts were also linked to lower mortality. But weight loss plans like the Atkins diet which replace starchy foods with animal protein and fat from meat and dairy products lower life expectancy. Scientists tracked […]

Car finance WARNING – Millions UK drivers ‘trapped’ in lease deals they cannot afford

Car finance has drastically grown in popularity over the past few years with it offering an attractive alternative to full ownership over a vehicle. There are an estimated 8.7 million UK drivers with a car finance agreement, but a large proportion of these feel ‘trapped’, claims a new report. According to new research by Drover, […]

Cheating partner: Avoiding this one thing is a sign your other half might be cheating

Cheating is something many people in committed romantic relationships are afraid their partner might be doing. Being unfaithful towards a partner involves betraying their trust if you are in a monogamous relationship. But could you tell if a partner is cheating on you? There are certain signs that make it easier to tell. Patti Wood, […]