Sugar and Weight Loss: How Sugar Affects Your Weight Loss Goals

Article was originally published at SweetDefeat. Perhaps the biggest topic in health and wellness these days is sugar and how to cut back on consuming it. For ages, the average adult would add a spoonful of sugar here and there to food— it never seemed like a big deal. But over time, food manufacturers started […]

Do You Still Own These Classic 90’s Items Now Worth Thousands?

Article was originally published at RoofStores. Here at Roof Stores, we thought we’d create a little game to see how well our customers’ knowledge was surrounding collectables. Perhaps some of the objects you see in this picture are things you still have in your attic? If so, it might be worthwhile hunting them down, as […]

How To Script Your Brand’s Successful Instagram Story [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published on 99firms. Instagram Stories is essentially Instagram’s answer to Snapchat, allowing users to collate pictures and video footage into fun slideshows, which can then be made more interesting by adding text, emojis, and graphics over them. Instagram’s gamble with Stories has worked: within two months of its 2016 launch, it clocked […]

How The UK Spends Its Time [INFOGRAPHICS]

Infographics were originally published on MattressOnline. It’s only natural to wonder how your day compares to the rest of the UK. Feel like you never have enough time to unwind and pursue activities you enjoy? You’re not alone. Based on unique survey results and the latest ONS data, we’ve uncovered what the average Brit’s weekday […]

Where Does my Dinner Come From? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published at MoneyPod. There are certain types of food and drink that most of us think of as typically British, but is that still the case? Using trade data from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and other governmental sources showing which commodities we import and consume in the UK, Moneypod wanted to […]

Scents That Boost Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published at FragranceX. Many people don’t realize what a powerful ally scent can be. They can help you sleep, calm the nerves or invigorate you. Did you know, however, that they can also be a powerful aid in concentration? Scents like rosemary, lemon, jasmine, ginger, and even pine can help increase output, […]

Cities Of The Near Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic was originally published on PowerTools2U. Pneumatic waste systems, pollution sensors, robots, drones, and self-driving cars…it’s what we expect for the far future. But, these features could be coming to a town near you. In 2050 the world population is estimated to be 9.7 billion, currently, it stands at 7.53 billion. To tackle this overpopulation […]