8 Celebrity Chefs Recipes for Success

Famous chefs cook with both creativity and expertise. From Ina Garten to Emeril Legasse or Anthony Bourdain, there’s no one path to success. Often, the road is long and full of mistakes to learn from. However, celebrity chefs have earned their role as leaders in the industry. A recipe to success doesn’t have to include […]

The Perfect Pedicure: The Best Treatments For Feet, Nails, and Toes

Article was originally published on Aedit. Perhaps the secret to getting your feet through summer sandal season isn’t at the nail salon but at the dermatologist’s office. India Bottomley The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are well underway, which means sandal season is in full swing. And, while you may have treated yourself to […]

Skin Deep: Your Ultimate Guide to Topical CBD

Article was originally published on MadeByHemp. As the world embraces CBD for its medicinal value, CBD product manufacturers and other health professionals continue to discover more and more ways to take advantage of its health and medicinal benefits. This offers consumers more options and allows them to choose the method most convenient for them. Methods […]

Finding The Real Me: How Cosmetic Procedures Can Reveal Your Inner Beauty

Article was originally published on Aedit. While a cosmetic procedure certainly can enhance someone’s appearance, it can do so much more than just that. Reconstructing a feature or enhancing body shape can not only make someone look better but also it can boost their confidence… Samantha Stone Sitting in front of her closest family and […]

Entourage Effect: The Power Behind the Benefits of CBD Products

Article was originally published on MadeByHemp. You are as good as the company you keep. Thanks to the entourage effect, that’s a good thing for those who use CBD products. The entourage effect is the idea all compounds found in cannabis are best when taken together than when taken separately. This can be likened to […]

5 Common Sudden Strange Dog Behavior Symptoms (and What to Do)

Article was originally published on FOMO Bones. When we think of dogs, we tend to imagine a happy, goofy companion that loves to play and, most of all, loves to be sat right by our side. A running joke in the dog-parent community is the fact that our pooches absolutely lack personal space and usually, […]

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make CBD Tincture

Article was originally published on Sunday Scaries. Research has shown that CBD oils have been used in more recent years to help people and animals with a plethora of mental and physical illnesses. Hemp oil differs from CBD oil in that it contains no cannabinoids. Hemp oil and CBD oil are derived from the hemp plant, […]