Severe Separation Anxiety in Dogs: When Is It Time to See the Vet?

Article was originally published on FOMO Bones. If your dog has started acting out or is visibly stressed out when you leave him alone, then you are more than likely dealing with one of the most common issues when it comes to having a dog separation anxiety! It is essentially defined as a problematic type […]

The Use of CBD for Public Speaking

Article was originally published on SundayScaries. The extreme fear of public speaking is called (Glossophobia). Yes, it’s actually a phobia. It is a form of (SAD), social anxiety disorder where most people suffer from a crippling fear of public speaking. The onset of this phobia often occurs when one is on stage or even when they […]

Is CBD As Popular as You Think?

Inarguably popular, CBD products seem to be at the centre of any current health and wellness reporting. But while the physical press and online audiences love to talk about them, it can be hard to separate signal from noise and find out how much they are actually being used. So, here’s three reasons why CBD […]

Why Does CBD See More Usage than THC in Natural Supplements?

Article was originally published on SundayScaries. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are natural compounds that are found in the plant cannabis. Chemically, the configurations of both THC and CBD are the same but both have very different effects on the human body. THC is psychoactive, meaning that it can give users a buzz or high when […]

Separation Anxiety Tactics for 6 Dog Breeds

Article was originally published on FOMO Bones. Separation anxiety is something that every dog owner will likely have to go through at some point. And while it isn’t breed specific, there are some breeds that seem to be more prone to suffering from separation anxiety according to recent studies. Just as some breeds can be […]

Italian Farmers Remove Soil Contamination with Hemp

Article was originally published on MadeByHemp. Hemp never ceases to amaze us with its versatility and ability to solve many of the earth’s problems. One such problem has affected many farmers in a region of Italy. Let’s take a journey to Taranto, Italy. This gorgeous region faces the Ionian Sea and is known for its […]

CBD Edibles vs. Vaping: The Facts You Need to Know

Article was originally published on SundayScaries. Like with marijuana, if you have never used CBD before, then it’s important to understand your options for ingestion before you rush out to buy particular products. While CBD oil has proven to be incredibly effective at relieving a plethora of issues like anxiety, stress, and insomnia, many people […]

Global Beauty Trends: The Perception of Beauty Around the World

Article was originally published on Aedit. The beauty standards set by the society we live in have tremendous influence on the styles and trends we are drawn to. Kate Kasbee They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person sees as attractive is often completely different than what someone else thinks. […]

How to Take Hemp Oil Orally

Article was originally published on MadeByHemp. How to Take Hemp Oil Orally One of the most common ways to get CBD into your system is oral consumption. It is a familiar method that is quick and efficient. There are a few different ways on how to take hemp oil orally, such as tinctures, edibles, or […]