Wishin’ I Was Fishin’ – Minigames, Sidequests, and Culture In JRPG Legrand Legacy

For many JRPGs, turn-based combat and sweeping stories can make for an excellent game, but sometimes, it’s the small diversions that add to the experience. From game-changing sidequests like in Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, taking a moment to fish in Breath of Fire, engaging in Iron Chef-like cooking contests in Suikoden II, or doing some […]

Explore A Mysterious Flooded World In Aeronautical Exploration Game Above

Submerged worlds have seen more than a few digital portrayals, from Subnautica to the aptly titled Submerged. But Above takes a different approach to its flooded landscape, letting you explore it not from the surface or beneath the waves but well…above in your trusty personal plane. In this flight-focused adventure, young Mary starts out in […]

Children Of Morta Is All About Family

The Bergson family has been guarding the mystical Mount Morta for generations. When corruption turns the once peaceful mountain into a violent, monster-infested nightmare, they face their biggest challenge yet. What these monsters don’t know: they’re messing with the wrong family. Children of Morta’s core gameplay loop consists of action-filled dungeon dives. See how far […]

SpookyCellar Revels In The (Goofy) Horrors Of A Scary Basement

SpookyCellar takes players down into a maze-like creepy basement, arming them only with a flashlight, their wits, and a self-abusing sense of humor as they dodge the less-than-horrifying horrors that lie within. SpookyCellar aims to gently tease all of the first-person, flashlight wielding horror games out there, putting players in a similar situation while having […]

The Best Postal Service Is A Witch In Mimi’s Delivery Dash

Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service, Mimi’s Delivery Dash is all about the life of a witch making timely deliveries. Sail through the city carefully to ensure your packages make it to your clients swiftly and in one piece! Start your job off by locating a client as they wave and shout ‘Hey!’ for […]

QA: Suncrash’s Tomer Barkan On Judgment And The Challenges Of Early Access

Last year, I sat down with Suncrash’s Tomer Barkan to discuss their early access title Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, the development scene in Israel, and the challenges of developing an ambitious game in such a small country with a very small team. What is your background? I am a computer science major. I worked seven […]

Every Battle Is A Date In Roguemance

Finding out if you’re compatible with someone COULD be done over a quiet conversation at dinner. However, what if, instead, you found out how well you mesh with someone over an evening of clobbering monsters instead with Roguemance, a procedurally-generated RPG about finding love through combat and adventuring? The Heartipelago is in trouble, but monstrous […]

Anthropomorphic Animals And Moody Noir Collide In Detective Adventure Backbone

Animal adventures have been a staple across fiction, from the recent Tooth & Tail, or Fables, or Redwall. But rather than war or urban fantasy or a medieval setting, Backbone places its trenchcoat-wearing animals on neon-lit pixel-art streets and within atmospheric detective noir. Inspired by the atmosphere of works like Blade Runner and The Big […]