Images show just how much the Olympic bobsled event has changed over the years

YouTube/Olympic Among the most intense sports at the Winter Olympics are the bobsled events, or officially, “bobsleigh.” The bobsled events that most of us are familiar with involve what look like miniature rockets propelling down a man-made track at extreme velocities, often under the cover of a roof to protect the track from the elements. […]

Canadian duo blow away sports world with mesmerizing final skate to become the most decorated ice dance team in Olympic history

Maddie Meyer/Getty Canadian ice dancing duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir took home gold at the Winter Olympics on Tuesday in Pyeongchang. The duo put together nearly a flawless routine that had the sports world in awe. Virtue and Moir are now the most decorated ice dancing team in Olympic history. Canadian ice dance team […]

The German and Canadian bobsled teams both won gold medals in a rare tie — and they were thrilled for each other

Andy Wong/AP The German and Canadian two-man bobsled teams tied for the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.  The last time there was a bobsled tie at the Olympics was 20 years ago, in Nagano, Japan. The German and Canadian teams stormed the bobsled track and hugged as they celebrated their dual win.  […]

North Korea tells the US it is ‘fully ready for both dialogue and war’

STR/AFP/Getty Images North Korea said it is “fully ready for both dialogue and war” with the US. State-run news agency KCNA reported Monday the US would be “naive and foolhardy” to hurt North Korea, and that the US is trying to prevent inter-Korea relations from improving. The comments seem to be a response to an interview […]

Mueller is reportedly investigating Jared Kushner’s efforts to seek foreign financing for his family’s business

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating contacts between White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and foreign investors during the transition period, CNN reported. In particular, Mueller is investigating Kushner’s interactions with a Chinese government-linked company that was close to investing in the Kushner family’s real-estate property at 666 Fifth Avenue. The new […]

Here’s how figure skaters can stand on their partners without hurting them

At the Winter Olympics, some figure skaters perform lifts in which they stand on top of their partner — while wearing sharp skates.  INSIDER asked two skating coaches how athletes can do this without hurting each other.  Nasty cuts do happen, they said, but with lots of training, teams can get the skate placement just right […]

Trump is pushing to give terminally ill patients the ‘right to try’ experimental treatments — but it could do more harm than good

Getty Images/Christopher Furlong After a year in which President Donald Trump devoted much of his health policy attention to the repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, Trump used part of his recent State of the Union address to press Congress to focus attention in 2018 on a new health priority — the passage […]

American halfpipe skier who didn’t perform a single trick gamed the system to qualify for the Olympics while representing Hungary

Elizabeth Swaney competed in the ladies’ ski halfpipe on Monday despite being unable to land any real tricks. Swaney qualified for the Olympics through a loophole of sorts — athletes were required a number of top-30 finishes, so she would enter competitions with less than 30 athletes in the field, thus assuring the requirement would be […]

The Army is testing a replacement for the Hellfire missile — and pilots like what they see

The Army is testing a replacement for the Hellfire missile — and pilots like what they see NOW WATCH: This is ‘Hellfire’ — America’s missile of choice that can hit a target five miles away See Also: The Navy’s stealth destroyers are getting new missiles that will turn them into long-range ship killers The Army […]

5 things US troops bring with them to help recreate the comforts of home on the battlefield

Reuters Getting snacks and coffee via care packages is nice, but sometimes what you really need is a little personal space in the middle of a war zone. Depending on your rank and branch of service, you get more luxuries. The standard grunt in the formation, however, gets a bunk and a foot or two […]