Pokemon Go Community Day: New Shiny bonus revealed, and it isn’t Charmander

Niantic have confirmed that a new Raid bonus is being released on the same day as May’s Pokemon Go Community Day. Completely out of the blue, fans have been told that Ho Oh will be returning to the Gym roster, starting May 19. As many Trainers will already know, the Legendary bird has already been […]

Deadpool 2 shock CAMEO: You won’t believe how much [SPOILER] was paid

WARNING: Spoiler ahead for Deadpool 2. Many viewers have told how they couldn’t believe their eyes when Brad Pitt showed up in the film. The star’s appearance was so last-minute, not even cast members were 100% sure if it had happened. But now, co-writer Rhett Reese has revealed how much he was paid – and […]

Deadpool 2 end credits: How many post credits are there? Will there be a Deadpool 3?

20th Century Fox Deadpool 2 end credits: How many post credits are there? Will there be a Deadpool 3? Ryan Reynolds is back again as the self-aware, foulmouthed Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson.  Breaking the fourth-wall, the merc-with-a-mouth is well known for his self-referential, pop-culture-critical style.  The first Deadpool proved to be a hit […]

Fortnite Android release date: Epic Games FINALLY confirms launch plans

Fortnite Battle Royale developer Epic Games has finally confirmed the Android release date. In a brand new blog post, Epic delivers the news fans have been waiting for. After talking about the state of the game on mobile, Epic announced plans to release the Android version this summer. “Fortnite is coming to Android!” the post […]

Jessica Chastain talks pay gap, #MeToo and starring in biopic Molly’s Game (EXCLUSIVE)

Directed by Aaron Sorkin and starring Idris Elba, Chastain discusses her meetings with the real life Molly Bloom, and whether she had any preconceptions before they first met. She also speaks about the pointed relevance of this film in a contemporary climate, as a film that holds much resonance in light of the #MeToo movement […]

Deadpool 2: Will there be another sequel? Writer talks Deadpool 3 plans and X-Force movie

Deadpool was a surprise success when Ryan Reynolds successfully introduced the world to the concept of an R-rated, laugh-out-loud comic book movie. Now that Deadpool 2 is set to enjoy similar success, will there be a Deadpool 3? Reynolds himself may have downplayed such speculation, but screenwriter Rhett Reese has revealed that discussions should happen […]